17 Ideas for Bringing your Team Closer While Maintaining Distance

Corporate Team building events, conferences, and celebrations should definitely serve a corporate purpose, but if you’re truly going to engage your team and build morale, your event should probably include some fun activities.

The fun activities, not the break out sessions on how we’re going to sell more widgets is where you foster greater relationships among your staff. Plus, it gives you a unique opportunity to say “thank you” for all of their hard work.

In this new time, holding such things is getting a little more difficult, so we’ve formulated a few ideas that will help you still build that morale while also allowing everyone to maintain some distance.

Here are 17 quirky ideas to make your event a little more fun while also allowing for distancing.

  1. Segway Experiences. Seriously, these are absolutely hilarious, fun, but still keeps everyone from getting too close.
  2. Horse Riding. Ask about allergies ahead of time, but a good old fashioned trail ride can do wonders for the soul and your team.
  3. Kayaking. Probably should stay away from the real rapids, but nice slow moving kayak ride will give your team a chance to enjoy the serenity of nature, and foster a better work culture.
  4. Farm Field Trips. Head out to the country to one of those self pick fruit farms, or even a winery.
  5. Soap Box Derby. Not just for boy scouts. Holding a derby with a proper race creates friendly competition, creativity, and fun.
  6. Murder Mystery Night. Get your team working together to hunt down that murderer.
  7. Make a Movie. Have some cringe worthy, bad acting, and a lot of fun making a movie together. Movies require writers, camera operators, as well as on screen talent. This is a great way to get the extroverts and introverts to work together on a fun project.
  8. Drive in Movie Night. Could be more of a family fun time even since your team won’t be able to actually talk during the movie. OR, you could combine this with number 7 to bring the team together to see their work.
  9. Treasure Hunt. Create a fun, treasure hunt with real prizes. The treasure can be around the office or around town.
  10. Food Eating Competition. You could do this in house like the hot dog eating contests on the fourth of July, or find a restaurant in town who has an eating challenge.
  11. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Have everyone dress for the occasion in their craziest outfits, celebrate un-birthdays, and just have a crazy time.
  12. Spa Weekend. If you really want to treat your staff, why not take them out to relieve some stress at a spa?
  13. Hunt Pokemon. Have everyone download the app, and take a half day to send them out and about to hunt Pokemon. At the end of the day, you guys can reconvene and give out prizes to the ones who caught the most
  14. 5 Years Old. Get everyone to find a photo of themselves from when they were a 5-year-old, hang the photos and then play “guess who is who.”
  15. Frisbee/Disc Golf. Golf that everyone can enjoy. (Except people who hate throwing a Frisbee and walking.)
  16. The Highland Games. For the more active teams, you can hold a Scottish Games contest. Include the Scottish hammer throw, and other events. Dress in kilts and get everyone to try their best Scottish accent. Check out this link for more ideas.
  17. Snow Sledding/ Skiing. If your offices are a close enough to the slopes, take them all out for a day sledding or skiing. It could a blast.

The great thing about this list is that most of things can be done without everyone getting to close to one another. They are all fun activities that can help morale…which in turn, makes for a much more productive work environment.

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