3 Must Haves That Should Be At Your Wedding

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3 Must Haves That Should Be At Your Wedding 

  1. Shake things up a little with a photo booth! Incorporating a photo booth at your wedding with props and a great background lets your guest bring out their inner kid and let loose. They help to create stunning images in an effortless way. They are even fun and interesting ways to record the guests and their wishes to the happy couple. And they break the ice and provide many laughs throughout the day.

  1. Having a DJ & MC at your wedding is one of those things that can either make for a great time or a horrible experience. It’s vital that you choose someone who understands you as a couple and respects your cultural beliefs. The perfect Dj will keep everyone happy and in the groove to bust a move!

  1. Having dancers at your reception isn’t very common but it’s slowly becoming one of our favorites MUST HAVE at wedding receptions. Having dancers present keeps the crowd not only entertained but will motivate and encourage your guests to step out on the dance floor.


Special Event Proz knows these MUST-HAVES are crucial to have at a wedding reception and want to make It easy for you to book these services. Which is why we offer; 

-Multiple DJ/MC packages and can even customize one to match your needs

-We offer two different photo booth packages to fit your reception perfectly

-We have a network within the wedding planning community to easily access dancers and other entertainment you might enjoy


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