1. Availability

The venue’s availability on your wedding date should be your primary concern. After all, there is no point in falling in love with a venue only to end up disappointed with its unavailability. Ideally, you should book your venue at least six months prior to your event. However, big and popular venues might get booked even sooner as these places tend to get fully-booked even a year prior.

2. Venues Location: Choose a Venue That Aligns With Your Vision

Be a little meticulous in choosing a wedding venue as this is one of the important aspects that can affect guest attendance. Ideally, your wedding venue should be accessible as well as convenient to reach to ensure the maximum attendance from your guests.

3. Capacity: Know Your Guest List

Capacity limits can make or break a venue—you obviously can’t cram 300 people into a space that’s designed to accommodate 150. If you’re booking a ceremony and a reception space, make sure that both can fit your total guest count, since “the same guests should be invited to both the ceremony and reception,”.

4. Transportation: Consider Your Guests’ Experience

This venue-related detail is all about crafting a positive guest experience. It’s imperative to guarantee that your friends and family will be able to travel to and from your event without any discomfort.

5. Back-Up Plan

Meaning, does your venue provide one in the case of an emergency? If a planner isn’t handling this for you, you’ll want to confirm a cancellation policy in case something happens to the venue ahead of the big day, especially if you’re tying the knot at a location that may experience natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, or blizzards. It’s much less extreme, but you’ll want to confirm a venue’s ability to successfully execute a rain plan, as well.


Not sure how to check the best venue in your region? Consult with a local planner to get information that’s more specific than the national averages often found online.

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