5 Tips for the Greatest Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Tips

Make sure your Wedding Reception is memorable…

With all of the nerves and feels that go into your special day, it can sometimes become overwhelming. Trying to make the day memorable can, in fact, cause you great anxiety…which, if you’re not careful, can actually ruin what is supposed to be the happiest of days. While meticulous planning is important to a great and memorable wedding, the day itself is supposed to be a joyful celebration of the start of your happily ever after. So, sit back, relax, because we here at Special Event Proz have compiled a few tips to make sure that you have the most memorable and fun wedding reception possible.

  1. Yes, you should plan like crazy in the months leading up to your wedding, but on the big day, you should just relax. Realize that there may be some things that aren’t going to be perfect…but that’s every wedding since the invention of weddings. It’s easy to let the finite details of your ceremony or reception stress you out, but when the day arrives, there’s not a lot you can do to control things. If the flower girl drops the basket and chases a butterfly, let it go. If the ring bearer picks his nose, just know that your family will laugh about it for years to come and that’s actually a good thing. Sometimes the mistakes are what make it such a joyous and memorable occasion.
  2. Lighting sets the mood. If your goal is to have everyone on the dance floor, then your DJ should have dance floor lighting that presents a party atmosphere. But, he/she should also have control of those lights for spot light dances, grand entrances, etc. The reception is a celebration, and it should have that mood about it.
  3. Want your guests to stick around and celebrate with you? Make sure the venue’s temperature is set to a comfy level. No one wants to dance in a room that’s too hot and/or humid? Plus if you and your new soulmate are still wearing your formalwear, you’re not going to want to be sweating while hugging grandma. That being said, keep it reasonable as we don’t want grandma getting chilly and being miserable.
  4. Don’t put your DJ in the corner. Be sure to have your DJ close to the action so your guests can interact with him/her, make requests if you’re allowing them, and be the chief of the party. This allows them to “work” the crowd on your behalf, and to do their best work. It also gives them a great view of you should you need to communicate something from across the room.
  5. Give your DJ your “must have” music selections ahead of time. This way your entrance music is planned, the father-daughter dance music is handled, and your favorite tunes are in the queue ahead of anything else that may be played that night. Plus, it gives your entertainer an idea of your musical preferences which allows them to make other selections that will fit your preferred genre of music.

BONUS TIP: Your guests will will follow your lead, so don’t be so serious. If you’re miserable, they will be.  If you are dancing, eating, and making merry, so will they. This is probably the most important tip of the entire list because the best wedding receptions we see here at Special Event DJz are the ones where the bride and groom are in the center of the dance floor having a blast.

Either way, let your hair down…after the ceremony of course…and have a good time. It’s your day and one that should be celebrated. Have fun and if you’d like more information on planning your special day, please feel free to reach out to us here at Special Event Proz. We love helping!

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