5 Ways to Make Your Event Stand out Amongst all Others.

Don’t just plan an event. Make it Pop!

If you’re going through the steps and work to plan an event, the last thing you want is for it to be forgotten. Why not make it stand out in your attendee’s memories by trying some of these special ways to make your event POP.

Create a Custom Snapchat and Instagram Filter.

It is the age of technology. Why not create a way for your guests to share their memories by using, well…technology? For just a few bucks, you can do just that by creating a custom snapchat or Instagram filter to be used during your event. To create your very own snapchat filter, follow this link. Watch the video below to see how to create one on Insta.


Have your caterer/bartender create a one of kind drink or dish solely for your event.

Just about every event has a bar with your standard old beers, wines, and other assorted beverages. Why not create a unique beverage with a title that references your event? If it’s your wedding, it could be a mashup of the couple’s name. If it’s a corporate celebrating, why not name it after the event itself? Either way, details like this will help set your vent apart and make things just a tad bit more memorable.

Use some special effects, projection mapping, or specialty lighting for your event.

Nothing makes an event stand out like special effects. Just think back to some of the concerts you’ve been to over the years. A great example is Pink Floyd. Don’t remember them? Well, Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, just recently played at Coachella (see the video link below). During his set, he used an effect from over 40 years ago…when he was playing with Pink Floyd… because it was cool.

As a matter of fact, Boomers and Gen X’ers are still talking about that Pink Floyd concert tour where they had the Laser pig flying throughout the concert venue…and as you can see in the link from Coachella, it’s still pretty popular. Special effects at your wedding reception, or specialty lighting can have a similar impact on your event and make your guests talk about it for years to come.

Give your guests party ready party favors and/or props.

Nothing says fun like little unique party favors or props that are geared towards enhancing the party atmosphere. Favors can be anything from silly hats, to mini musical instruments. Things like this bring laughs and cheer to the celebration in ways you’d never imagine.

Play Party Games:

Most wedding receptions follow a similar format. Why not mix it up with a few party games? Games will engage the guests and get everyone in a festive mood right out of the gate.  Need some great ideas for party games, we here at Special Event Proz can most definitely help.

For more ideas on how to make your event, reception, or private party pop for your guests, reach out to us. We have a plethora of ideas.

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