6 Questions to ask your DJ or Event Vendor

Trying to find vendors for your event can be a bit awkward if you don’t know how to go about it. This is especially true when attempting to hire a DJ, planner, or even your caterer. Most people don’t realize how much the correct set of event vendors can impact your event. For example, the DJ not only provides dance and party music for your event, they provide the soundtrack, announcements, and other enhancements that can make your life as a host or hostess easier. In other words, the right event DJ and other vendors can make your event special, while on the other hand, the wrong ones can ruin it.

In this post, we’re going to share some of the best questions to ask potential DJs and other vendors when planning your event.


  1. Is this your full-time business? What is your experience with “our” type of event? What other types of events have you performed for in addition to our type of event?

This question is key when determining whether to hire a DJ or any other type of vendor. If their business is full-time, the you know they are professional, earning a living performing this service, and are experienced providing a service that can bring a level of expertise and versatility to your event.

  1. How many DJs/Planners/etc do you have on staff?

Why is this important to know? Because if the DJ you have scheduled gets sick, or something else comes up, you have a backup plan already in place. If you’re working with a solo act or a one man show and something comes up last minute that keeps them from working it, you’re entire event will be ruined.

A vendor with multiple experts on their staff exhibits the success of a vendor. They know what they’re doing because they couldn’t afford the payroll if they didn’t.

  1. How do you cater your services to event?

 A single, unmoving approach never works when it comes to events, and a vendor or DJ who takes a singular approach to each event will not help you make your event stand out to your guests. If it’s a wedding reception, you definitely want your favorite genre of music played…If it’s a corporate event, there are tunes, foods, and other things that fit the theme of your event better than some top 40 list from 1997. Unless your event is focused around the one approach the vendor is offering, it rarely works in your favor. 

  1. (This goes for entertainers and DJs) How do you get the crowd engaged?

This kind of falls into the flexibility of the DJ or entertainer’s approach to an event. You need someone who can read the crowd determine how to get them more involved in the party or event. If you’ve got a bunch of wallflowers just sitting around moping, the event will never be successful. During the interview phase, be sure to ask them how they plan to keep the crowd pumped and look for flexible answers to the question. It’s a party, and your entertainment should be the last thing that is rigid.

  1. Can I have some references, hear some examples of your mixes, taste some of your offerings?

This is probably the most important question to ask when hiring vendors for your event. Of course, every vendor started out with no real-world experience, but do you really want your event to be an experience builder for the new kid on the block? Unless you’re pinching pennies or have firsthand experience with a new vendor, you’re not going to want to be the first to give them a shot at this new line of work. Ask them to show you

  1. What other services do you offer… or what other vendors would you recommend? 

If you’re fortunate, you may find a vendor, like us here at Special Event Proz, who offers multiple services under one roof. Not only does this help consolidate and shorten your search, it gives you an idea if the vendor is well-rounded and successful.  A business that has multiple offerings generally has been in business for a while and has noticed the need for such diversity among their clients.

We here at Special Event DJz offer Photo Booth Rentals, Special Effects Lighting, Photography Services, Videography Services, and even Wedding and Event Planning services. If we don’t offer it, we’ve worked closely with others that do…so we can assist with just about any facet of your event.

In regards to other vendor recommendations, most businesses will be extremely careful when making referring other businesses. They’re reputation is on the line, so they’re not going to recommend another business that will make their’s look bad.

While we realize that we are a bit biased on who you should choose for the services we offer here at Special Event DJz, we also realize that not everyone is in our service area. As a result, we hope that these tips prove useful in your search. If you ARE in our area, give us a shout and interview us for your next event. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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