A Few Things to Consider Before Booking that Wedding Venue

What do look for in a wedding venue

When you’re considering wedding venues, you definitely want to make sure you’re securing the one that’s perfect for you and yours. It’s one of the most important planning decisions you’ll have to make, and this decision probably has the largest impact on your guests. Given its importance, we thought we’d toss a few ideas together for you to consider before you book one.

Will the venue work for the number of people you’re inviting?

While you may not have an exact number, you should already have at least ballpark idea of how many guests you’ll be inviting and how many would be most likely to show up for your wedding. Given that social distancing is important these days, you definitely want to ensure that everyone who is attending will feel safe. Choosing a venue that fits that need and one that fits your party size is of the utmost importance, so be sure to ask about headcount restrictions when searching for your venue.

Does the location fit your style?

Depending on your particular style and tastes, not every venue you consider is going to work for you.  Be sure to visit each of the venues on your short list as website images don’t always portray the venue properly. It is a terrible feeling showing up to a booked venue after booking it sight unseen, and have it look nothing like it appeared online.

What services does the venue offer?

Full service venues will usually offer everything from catering to planning services, while partial service venues, landmarks, or other venues will only offer a location. Some venues have preferred vendors while others prefer you secure your own. Either way, you want to discuss these details with venue management to know what to expect. Working with required vendors can sometimes be great and simplify the ordeal, but other times it can be a hassle. As a result, it is definitely important to know these things prior to booking the facility.

Distance to Overnight Accommodations?

If you’re having a destination wedding or some out of town guests in attendance, you’ll want to make sure the venue is conveniently located to hotels or other overnight accommodations. Another great idea is to touch base with group sales personnel at nearby hotels to possibly block rooms and even secure special rates for your guests. Savings on a hotel room can be an additional enticement for your guests to attend.

How’s the Parking?

In the city, parking can sometimes be at a premium…literally. So be sure to ask about the parking facilities, their proximity to the venue, and if there are any additional costs associated with parking. If so, you’re going to have budget accordingly. If there is no parking whatsoever, then that brings on an entirely new set of headaches.


Obviously, this list doesn’t encompass everything you need to consider when deciding on your venue, but it does cover a few things that are essential.

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