Andaz West Hollywood: The Perfect Hip Venue Filled with Rock N Roll History

For those not in the know about the Andaz West Hollywood. Let us illuminate your understanding. While it may seem like just another boutique hotel on the Sunset Strip, it is not. You may not categorize it as holding the same historical significance as the Sistine Chapel or Buckingham palace, but in the parameters of modern musical history, it is quite significant and comparable.

When you think of a rock legend trashing a hotel room or shouting and throwing things at their adoring fans from hotel balconies, this is where it started. The Continental Hyatt House, as the Andaz WeHo was previously known, is as much a part of Rock music history as the electric guitar.

Legends Stayed Here… Some Wreaked Lots of Havoc.

The hotel has been the preferred home away from home for many rock legends. Being located close to the some of the hippest music venues made this hotel a prime location. Check out this list below along with some of their infamous activities:

  • Keith Richards, guitarist for The Rolling Stones, and Who drummer Keith Moon famously trashed their rooms and tossed television from windows. Setting a precedent for many rockers to come.
  • During the 80’s and 90’s, Little Richard lived in room 319 of the hotel.
  • A poolside interview in the 1984 film “This Is Spinal Tap” was filmed on the roof. Scenes from the films “Almost Famous,” “Rockstar” and “Crank” were also shot here.
  • Jim Morrison, of the Doors, was reportedly evicted for dangling off his balcony by his fingertips.
  • Axl Rose reportedly grilled steaks on his balcony and threw some to his fans below.
  • Led Zeppelin stayed here often. Sometimes even renting multiple floors. As a matter of fact, lead singer, Robert Plant’s, now famous, “I am a Golden Gold” line was shouted from his balcony at the Azad Weho. (Which inspired the scene in “Almost Famous.) Also,  Led’s drummer, John Bonham, reportedly enjoyed riding his motorcycle through the halls and suites. 

A Little History and Several Titles:

Founded in 1963 by Gene Autry, the property was originally called the Gene Autry Hotel Continental. By 1976, the Hyatt Corporation took over management, and it was renamed the Continental Hyatt House. It has also had a few unofficial names over the years including, “Riot House”, and “ The Riot Hyatt”.

Today the Andaz West Hollywood, has had a bit of a facelift, but remains an iconic destination and event venue on Sunset Strip.  One that is filled with history, legends, and plenty of rumors. If you’re like us, and love such things, it’s a perfect place to stay, host an event, or have your wedding reception.


The Particulars on the Hotel Itself:

The Andaz WeHo features 239 rooms overlooking either Hollywood Hills, or the sunset strip downtown Los Angeles. They are located conveniently close to great shopping, eateries, and some of the most famous music and entertainment venues in the world…like the Whisky A Go Go, the Viper Room, and more.

Their art and décor around the hotel are reminiscent of their rich rock-n-roll history. In three of the rooms where Little Richard, Robert Plant and Jim Morrison frequently stayed, they have framed pictures accompanied by brief stories of the legends and their time there. They have have plans to implement more Legend Rooms in the future.

They even have a signature scent called “Red Vinyl: which is a great connection to their past.

They describe it in the following way:

“Once a favored haunt for some of the world’s most infamous music legends, Andaz West Hollywood doesn’t just talk the talk – it’s an iconic piece of rock history. Walk through the hotel’s glamorous halls and see its illustrious past playfully appear in the form of pop art, photography, and contemporary design. Downstairs, Riot House Restaurant, Bar, and Market are buzzing with chatter, but sitting in your personal daybed aside the highest rooftop pool in LA, you find privacy. Peer out over the Sunset Strip and take a deep breath in – leather, asphalt, rosewood, and cherry red lipstick combine to create the sexy, unmistakable essence of rock and roll.”


The Wedding and Event Venues:

If you love the rock n roll history of the place, or just want a glamorous location for your next event or wedding reception, The Andaz WeHo offers a multitude of choices which include reception halls, convention space, the Panorama ballroom, and even the rooftop.

For more insight on the Andaz, its history, or just to get more insight into we feel it is one of the best venues to hold an event, please feel free to reach out to us…or check them out by visiting their website.


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