Brainstorming: Where to Start When Planning a Corporate Event

How to plan your corporate event

If you’re heading up the planning of your next corporate event, the first thing you need to clarify is: What are you trying to achieve with this event? That objective should lead your planning, regardless of whether the event is for corporate training, team building, or celebrating achievements.

Then, ask yourself what event type is this?

Are you training, are you celebrating a milestone, are you reinforcing corporate culture, are you team building, or is it all the above? Your answer should dictate the types of activities you plan, and even allow you focus on your fun to work ratio for the event. Obviously, a training event fun to work ratio is going to be heavily in favor of work, but you can plan fun things to do to not make it feel like it. Either way, allowing some time for play…event at an event that features a more serious focus, will make the event more memorable.

SIDE NOTE: Of course, we always think you should have a DJ at any event to liven things up a bit, but we realize that having a DJ at a seminar may not be prudent…but, we’d sure love to give it shot for you.

Once the goal is defined, you can then begin planning your fun and memorable activities to be the focus of the event or to be the supporting cast.  Either way, the event you’re planning should be centered around making it memorable for the attendees.

Something to consider:

Is it possible to do this away from the office?

The easiest way to make employees feel more open, is to move away from where the serious stuff happens. Having an offsite event and allowing for a more casual dress code makes everyone feel a little comfier, and ultimately, it allows them to be more relaxed and receptive to the goals of the event.

Obviously, it is important to ensure that you are reinforcing your company vision and objectives during your event, but make sure the event isn’t just another forced event. Even if it is another required training class, you can make it feel a little less like it by planning properly.

For more tips and tricks on planning your next corporate event, be sure to reach out to us here at Special Event DJz, we can help. Plus, we’d love to be involved with your next one.


Bonus Tips:

For team building or an event set to reinforce corporate culture, considering the following:

  1. Plan a sports outing, even if it’s to see a local game or team.
  2. Head to museum, zoo, or local historic site.
  3. Hold a company picnic with music and other activities and ask employees to bring their families.

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