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Why Music Is important Humanity

Let’s get philosophical for a bit. If you’re breathing today, you must admit that music has played an integral part of your life at some point. Admit it! You recall the music from your first dance, and I bet you can still remember the lyrics from the songs you sang or heard in preschool. Music (read more…)

What is Projection Mapping and How can it Enhance My Event?

The New Cool Thing in Events and Wedding Receptions is Projection Mapping. If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park, you may already have seen Projection mapping and not even known it.  It’s the effect where they project images on the castles during fireworks displays. It is a powerful visual as it has the capacity (read more…)

Projections Mapping Ideas for your event!

Projections Mapping Ideas Flowers In The Ceiling Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on flowers that will get thrown away the next day, you can achieve a similar effect for less by projecting floral décor onto the wall. Pictures On The Wall Instead of having your reception in some fancy art gallery, use (read more…)

Hiring a DJ For Your Birthday Celebration

That special day’s approaching and you’ve ensured everyone that their needs will be catered to by an epic time; may it be a lengthy guest list, beverages, delectable foods, or forms of entertainment. The Spotify Music subscription you joined last month might in fact come in handy, so you sweat the bigger stuff like which (read more…)