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More Than Ever, We Need Something Positive. Here’s a Little Something

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all of the negativity these days. There’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unrest, and it seems as if we’re all arguing about everything and anything. Pointing out our differences is easy to do… especially when we forget to check our similarities. If we look down (read more…)

How to Pick the Perfect Playlist for Your Next Event

We here at Special Event DJz tend to be very music oriented. Well, It is kind of our thing. It’s what drives us, balances us, and of course, it’s what pays our bills. Of course, you don’t have to be a DJ to love music. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find (read more…)

Taking Short Cuts on Wedding Entertainment Often Results in Cringe.

Saving money, especially today, is extremely important. When planning your wedding, however, you might not want to skimp on the entertainment…because it can make things awkward, just plain cringy, and memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Cousin Rufus may some talent and excellent choices in music, but just because he has a PA system (read more…)

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Independence Day at Home

We realize that we usually write about music and formal event planning ideas, but you know what? We are all about the party…even when it’s not ours to plan. As a result, we thought we would toss out a few ideas to help you to enjoy this holiday weekend…even while social distancing. Unfortunately, several cities (read more…)

17 Ideas for Bringing your Team Closer While Maintaining Distance

Corporate Team building events, conferences, and celebrations should definitely serve a corporate purpose, but if you’re truly going to engage your team and build morale, your event should probably include some fun activities. The fun activities, not the break out sessions on how we’re going to sell more widgets is where you foster greater relationships (read more…)

The Lockdown Will lift Eventually. This is How we’re planning to keep you safe at Events.

At this point, I think we can safely say that we are all lockdown pros. We’ve been adhering to the CDC guidelines and government recommendations, we understand social distancing and the importance of keeping clean hands, and we all know more about a virus than we ever hoped to know. The good news is that (read more…)

Ideas for an Intimate Backyard Wedding After Lockdown Ends

We get it. You’re stuck at home, you’ve put your wedding on hold, but you’re ready to tie the knot as soon as things open back up. Being a bit cautious, you may even be thinking of how to slim down the size of the affair. Yep, we understand. You still want to create that (read more…)

During Lockdown, Be sure to Brush up on Some Dance Moves.

Eventually, this whole situation will be over. Hopefully, you’re holding up well and maybe even doing a few things that you’ve always wanted to do. Or, at least doing some things that will help you come out of lockdown a better person. As much as we hate being locked up away from work, family, and (read more…)

Some More Fun Spotify Playlists to Help ya Keep a Dance in Your Step

A few weeks back, we posted a selection of spotify playlists for you to enjoy during your stay at home. (You can check it out here) As these are still “uncertain times” (who’s tired of hearing that phrase?), we definitely want to continue to do our part to help you get through things with a (read more…)