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8 Questions you Should Ask Before Hiring your Wedding Planner

We only a few super special days in our lives. Of those days, your wedding day is probably the most special of all. As a result, it should be handled with the utmost care and consideration. This is why you should be very careful when choosing a wedding planner. In this spirit, we thought it (read more…)

Four Special Effects Ideas that will Take your Event to the Next Level

If you’re really looking to spice up your event, you’re going to want to consider some special effects for the decor.  Whether you’re in our service area or not, these ideas will definitely take your event to the next level and make it memorable for all in attendance. If you are in our service area, (read more…)

A Few Things to Consider Before Booking that Wedding Venue

What do look for in a wedding venue

When you’re considering wedding venues, you definitely want to make sure you’re securing the one that’s perfect for you and yours. It’s one of the most important planning decisions you’ll have to make, and this decision probably has the largest impact on your guests. Given its importance, we thought we’d toss a few ideas together for (read more…)

The Difference Between a Good DJ and a Great One

Hiring event or wedding entertainment isn’t necessarily rocket surgery. That being said, you should take a moment to ask yourself if you’re looking for someone who is competent enough to handle the task, or are you looking for someone to make your event even more memorable. Why? Glad you asked. When hiring the best possible (read more…)

Taking Short Cuts on Wedding Entertainment Often Results in Cringe.

Saving money, especially today, is extremely important. When planning your wedding, however, you might not want to skimp on the entertainment…because it can make things awkward, just plain cringy, and memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Cousin Rufus may some talent and excellent choices in music, but just because he has a PA system (read more…)

9 Wedding Planning Tips to Get You Started

Hey, you’re planning a wedding. That’s awesome! Congrats! Before you go popping yourself out there all willy-nilly like, you may want to brush up on some tips and hints. Here are a few that will help you get on your way to planning a great wedding: Determine How Many guests you’re going to invite. Before (read more…)

Micro Weddings are Trending…for Obvious Reasons.

We’re probably all sick of hearing terms like, “in these uncertain” times, or, “times like this are unprecedented.” Not only are we hearing these phrases on constant repeat, they seem to serve as terrible reminders of the ambitious plans we had prior to the Covid-19 shutdowns. To some degree, it saddens us at the lost (read more…)

The Lockdown Will lift Eventually. This is How we’re planning to keep you safe at Events.

At this point, I think we can safely say that we are all lockdown pros. We’ve been adhering to the CDC guidelines and government recommendations, we understand social distancing and the importance of keeping clean hands, and we all know more about a virus than we ever hoped to know. The good news is that (read more…)

Ideas for an Intimate Backyard Wedding After Lockdown Ends

We get it. You’re stuck at home, you’ve put your wedding on hold, but you’re ready to tie the knot as soon as things open back up. Being a bit cautious, you may even be thinking of how to slim down the size of the affair. Yep, we understand. You still want to create that (read more…)

Some More Fun Spotify Playlists to Help ya Keep a Dance in Your Step

A few weeks back, we posted a selection of spotify playlists for you to enjoy during your stay at home. (You can check it out here) As these are still “uncertain times” (who’s tired of hearing that phrase?), we definitely want to continue to do our part to help you get through things with a (read more…)