Checklist for the Photo booth at your Wedding!

When you decide on getting a photo booth, you’ll surely have these questions as well. How should my guest look good in the photo booth? What is the best backdrop? Should I add more props to it? Will my parents have their pictures as well? They come in so many styles and types that it can be downright confusing when trying to find that perfect match. Worry no more. I have some tips below that you’ll surely love.

Match the style of your photo booth to your wedding

You decided on a retro-styled wedding, should you use a rainbow-colored backdrop? It’s a no-no. You can certainly as for a framed wall so you can design and make it as you wish. The best idea would be to make it along the same theme as the wedding.

Polaroid Frame with you and your husband-to-be name on it

The white border for Polaroid frames is synonymous with instant prints. Everyone loves Polaroid photographs. I mean, who doesn’t? What’s best is you can add the details on your wedding like the names, date of the wedding and simple “ Thank you for coming “ on the edge of the border. Amazing is it?

Crazy props

The most common props in a wedding are the Speech bubble as it can surely add a little humor to the wedding photo booth images. It has a variety of sayings that even your parents, will surely love to! It provides many laughs throughout the day.


It’s simple and cheap, but you can certainly design it on your own. you can use any props that are within you and your partner’s liking. What’s best is your guest can also leave a short message and they can stamp it on the chalkboard. It will serve as your simple memorabilia from them.


Each wedding is different. Here at Special Event Proz, we use state of the art software, professional lighting, and the best cameras in our photo booths to make sure your event is captured in the best, most memorable ways possible. Because we believe that every wedding guest should enjoy rare moments of approved ridiculousness with photo documentation.


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