Destination Event! How to make it happen

A destination event is exciting but may also seem like a hassle to plan. You don’t have connections, there’s the struggle to get everyone a way to get there and decent accommodations to stay in, you may be unfamiliar with the area…but let’s talk about the fun stuff! You get to travel, try exotic foods, and have the perfect opportunity to escape reality for a moment. Here are some tips on how to get started on your destination event!

Destination Events

Your event is kind of a big deal, right? You want everything to go as smoothly as possible all while making sure your guests are taken care of and you still have a chance to enjoy your event and vacation. Here are some tips on planning a destination event:

  • Pick the destination! Consider the theme, what you’d like your surroundings to be, and really research the place. The worst thing you can do is plan a beautiful beach wedding during hurricane season.
  • Consider the guests. Who’s attending your wedding? Is traveling an issue for them? Can they afford to join you or can you afford to get them there?
  • Scout for a venue. Get recommendations, get pricing, and get a guarantee! If you have a chance to make it out to your destination beforehand this would be best. This way you can form your own opinion about the location.
  • Now that you have a location, find activities. More often than not, people fly out for multiple days. Plan out activities that will keep your guests entertained.
  • ALWAYS have a plan B! You never know what could happen during the planning stages or what mother nature has to bring, so having a backup location is always best.
  • Hire a coordinator/planner. They will help keep you sane! There are a lot of details when it comes to planning an event, especially when it’s not local.
  • Permits, exchange rates, and customs, oh my! Fund out how you’re paying, the due dates for all payments, hidden fees, get everything in writing, and figure out whether or not you need any special permits/documentation/vaccinations, etc.

Incentive Trips (work away from work):

We work hard…and we need a break every now and then! Company incentive trips are a fantastic way to bond with people in your company and learn more about them (it’s also a great benefit for the employees!) This trip has to be impressive and really sets up high expectations for the workers invited. We like to be appreciated for the work we do and any kind of reward or gratitude showing that we are valued is always nice to have. Here are some additional tips on planning your next company incentive trip:

  • Look into unique experiences. What’s the point of doing something that you can do anywhere…look into something exclusive, or that wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. Sometimes just having the right amount of people on your trip can mean you can book private tours.
  • Participate in the local culture. Try new foods! Enjoy their traditional dances. Try to do something new!
  • Recognition or awards during a special dinner on the last full day could be the perfect ending to your trip! These people worked hard and you acknowledged it, have something big and meaningful to celebrate all of the company’s success!

Yes, a destination anything can be more difficult to put together, but you can look into local packages, they may be able to set you up very quickly with everything you need! What do you think? Ready to get your travel on?

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