DJ Nikki


Seattle, Washington & Tampa, Florida



Musical Inspiration

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in shallow, muse, nin, whitney Houston, new order, daft punk, Depeche Mode,

Song I danced alone in my room

Janet jackson rhythm nation

What I Sing in The Shower

Shallow, Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper Whitney Houston Madonna


From both coasts I settled in California about 5 years ago. I grew up in Seattle during grunge.. I loved all the Seattle grunge vibes as well as the 80s icons like bowie and queen, but had a serious love for rap and r&b, especially female vocals. I sang and loved all the divas. At 17 I moved to Tampa, Florida and started to get into country music and more distinct alternative. In Tampa I attended college for graphic design and psychology. Then I landed a gig at a performing arts center in event sales, event management and event planning.

I felt more at home in a performing arts center than I ever had. In that position I worked with many artists including many musicians and djs. My dedicated event market was social, so I booked and planned and managed weddings, bat/bar mitvahz & quinceneras among other corporate and artist related functions like meet n greets with famous artists of all type. I knew then that I loved events, but I always wanted to part of them in a bigger way. Next I decided to become a flight attendant so I could see the world. Flying actually brought me back out too the west coast. Settling in Los Angeles i have finally been able to get back exploring music.

Happy Place

Hawaii.. I try to go as often as possible. also Paris. I just love getting lost in art and culture and going to musical performances and comedy shows in different countries. Even if I can’t understand the language I totally get the emotion that is being communicated and I really think there is nothing in life better than that.

Favorite Foods

Sushi! blueberries anything with chocolate and avocados. I eat at least one avocado everyday.


MUSIC, Photography, Traveling, Cooking & Painting

Favorite Dance Move