During Lockdown, Be sure to Brush up on Some Dance Moves.

Eventually, this whole situation will be over. Hopefully, you’re holding up well and maybe even doing a few things that you’ve always wanted to do. Or, at least doing some things that will help you come out of lockdown a better person. As much as we hate being locked up away from work, family, and friends, we all now have time to do a few things that may create some long term positives in our lives.

Speaking of which, we were thinking that a great way to pass the time would be to brush up on some dance skills. You never know! Your first group outing may require you to compete in a dance off, or you may even have to moonwalk out of a room to make a statement. Below are some instructional videos to help you prepare for a variety of dance scenarios that may or may not ever happen.

  • Let’s start out with something simple. While this won’t help you serve your opponent in a dance battle…unless that opponent is your grandmother, it will help you make it through a wedding reception without things getting a little awkward. It’s just three easy steps.

  • Want a little more variety in your dance life, check out this video for a few more moves:

  • Those too easy for you? We’ll, try your hand…and feet…at beginner’s swing dancing. It’s always a big hit at parties.

  • Want your moves a little more spicy? Add some Salsa to your dance floor. The music is always fun, and the moves can be hot.

  • Like more of a formal situation when shaking it? How about some good, old fashioned Ballroom dancing?

  • Do you prefer something a little more fresh, innovative, and up to date? Try Hip Hop.

You could learn any and all of these moves to freshen up your dance skills, but in all reality, dancing is about enjoying the music and having fun in whatever way you deem appropriate. There really is no wrong way to dance as long as you’re moving with the beat. Let the rhythm be your guide, and all of your moves will be dope.

Speaking of your moves, we’d love to see you share them. Tag us on our Facebook Page when you post your dance videos. Have fun, be silly, or be serious…just dance. Just like Napoleon Dynamite


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