Our Indoor Fireworks/Sparkler System has the look and impact of Pyrotechnics.

Unlike pyrotechnics, it is NON-HAZARDOUS and completely SAFE for indoor use!

Anyone can walk into a room with a wedding dress and tux, but can that really be called a “grand entrance”?If you want your wedding receptionentrance to stand out, and wow your guests, then indoor Fireworks is just the thing for you and your soulmate!

Our indoor fireworks and sparkler fountains will definitely add a unique enhancement to your grand entrance, first dance, and entire reception.

Unlike gunpowder, which is used in traditional pyrotechnic displays, our sparkler fountauns and indoor fireworks can last for minutes at a time. We can also vary the duration, height of the effect, and the timing. In addition, these fireworks are so safe that you can actually touch the sparkles!

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