Five Things We’re Going to do When This is Over

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had a rough couple of months. Understatement of the century, right?

No doubt that there is an awful lot to stress over, and an awful lot that could get us down if we let it. Rather than concentrate on those types of negatives, however, we here at Special Event Proz think it more important than ever to keep a positive outlook. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to share a list of things that we’re going to do once all of this lockdown stuff is done.

Obviously, we’re going to resume helping clients plan weddings, events, and providing sweet tunes for each. We’re going to help you throw the bangingest of parties, the most eloquent formals, and the most powerful corporate gatherings known to man. That being said, however, this particular list is about what we as individuals are going to do once this is over, and while you’re reading through our list, we’d love for you to think of your own…and share it with us on Facebook.

Anyway, here’s our list:

  1. Attempt to Break a Record For Hugs: Yep, we sure miss hugs…and handshakes…and all human contact. Of course, we’re looking for consensual hugs…we’re not just going to force it on you. That wouldn’t be right. That being said, however, we’re going to hug anyone who’s willing to accept it.
  2. Going to be Eating Out…a Lot: We sure do miss meeting friends and eating at places that aren’t our home. While it is obviously more economical and smarter to eat at the house, there is something that we miss terribly about going to sit down somewhere else to eat with friends. It may have something to do with the lack of prep required or dirty dishes, but we prefer to think it’s because we miss our friends. Of course, it could be all three.
  3. Accept EVERY invite from friends: There have been a few parties or other functions over the years that we’ve all made excuses not to go to, right? In the before times, lying on the couch in sweatpants or your underwear sounded a lot better than getting dressed and going somewhere, but after doing that for several months, we’re really starting to miss people….and conversations…and scenery that’s not related to our own abode. For the first several months after the lockdown expires, we’re going to accept every and any invitation extended our way. We don’t care if it’s for your 8 month old’s new tooth celebration, or if it’s your grandmother’s tea party, we’ll be there if invited.
  4. Walk Down the Aisle at the Grocery Store Willy Nilly: We understand the necessity for having the one way aisles in the markets during lockdown, but when this thing is over, we’re going to walk em anyway we want….back and forth…up and down…sideways…we don’t care.
  5. Finally, We’re Going to Make More Time for those We love: If this situation has taught us anything, it is that those we love…the ones we don’t share a home with…are more important to us than we ever realized. All of the times that we’ve procrastinated when it came to seeing an old friend, or an aunt, or whoever, are long gone. We never know what tomorrow holds, so if it’s within our reach to see someone we care for, we’re going to see them…and often.

So, there’s our list. What’s on yours? Please share via comments on FB or below.

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