Green Weddings, More Than Just a Color

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Going green is more than a headline, it’s something we totally support and encourage everyone to look into! Here are some tips on what you can do to make your special day, an Earth friendly one:

  1. Find a local venue: If the weather is on your side that time of year, consider an outdoor event. The sun provides plenty of natural lighting, saving on energy costs. Hosting the event in an indoor space with many windows can also provide plenty of natural lighting. Some venues are now offering linenless tables in an effort to save on energy, chemicals, and materials.
  2. Consider your stationary: Going paperless is definitely an option, but not everyone feels that they get a formal or personal touch. An alternative would be minimizing the amount of paper you are sending out. Send the invitation by snail mail and have guests RSVP online. Another great option is to look for stationers who offer recycled paper products! Certain companies use vegetable-based inks, papers embedded with seeds, and sustainable options like cotton or bamboo.
  3. Floral: Look for companies that are able to cut the stems a few days before you need them, this means less refrigeration and less electricity used! Also, a great way to have the freshest flowers. Look for flowers that are VeriFlora-certified, this means that the blooms aren’t grown with chemicals or under harsh working conditions. Also consider what you’ll do after the event. Arrangements can be made to donate the flowers, reuse them, or replanted.
  4. Catering: With so many options now, especially in Los Angeles, it’s easy to find an option that uses locally sourced produce.
  5. Wedding Dress: Check out some vintage shops or wear a dress that was passed down.
  6. Favors: Look for plantable favors, something edible, or reusable.
  7. Registry: Ask for organic items, charitable donations, or a wishing well wedding.

There are so many options out there and more companies are making the effort to create an eco-friendly wedding. Would you consider having a greener wedding?

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