Guide for starting a registry!

How to start a registry

  1. The first big step in creating a registry is choosing where to do it. Nearly every department store has a registry option. Choosing a store that best fits your style and needs is vital. You want to make sure that the store you choose has a variety of items that you need.

  1. Creating a registry, whether it’s for a baby shower or a wedding, can be a deceptively long process and may take a few revisions, so it is best to start early. Getting a head start on making your list will help you to remember everything you want to add and be one less thing you’ll need to do before the big day. Take into account your event date so that you give your guests a good chance to access your list and time to plan for which gift they want to get you.

  1. No one person’s budget is the same, so when selecting your items make sure you have a wide price range. It’s ok to have a few pricy options but make sure you are adding things to your list that is on the low-end side as well.

  1. Research is a key opponent when making your list. It’s important to make sure that you know the success rate and effectiveness of everything you’re adding. If it’s a baby shower make sure you aren’t buying items that have a history of being recalled. When adding for your wedding, ask around to other married couples and see if they have any advice on what you should order.

  1. Last but not least, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the return policy is for each store before making your decision, they may vary from store to store and branch to branch.


Special Event Proz knows this can be overwhelming and would love to help you make this process and smooth a possible. 

When you book our planning services you have access to our event specialists that can help you;

– Create a list of top stores and boutiques that best fit you

-Research items that would best benefit your soon to be new life

-Create custom shower invites that will include the link to your registry


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