How to Get Your Significant Other Involved Wedding Planning?

How to Get Your Significant Other Involved

  1. Depending on the celebration, most events will more than likely offer some adult beverages. If your soon-to-be partner isn’t feeling very motivated about giving input, task them with something that will interest them. Have them come up with some signature cocktails and create a list of different types of beverages they would like to see at the bar.

  1. Even if your fiancé is clearly not an accountant or banker, maybe you’re marrying a math nerd who loves to balance the checking account and play the stock market. If so, put your future spouse in charge of your wedding budget! Giving them the power of setting the budget gives your room to make more broad decisions.

  1. Music gets anyone’s attention so it might just get your partner motivated as well! If your partner is super into music, then let him or her take the reins when it comes to this part of the wedding.

  1. Let them choose the DATE! Giving your spouse the power of choosing the date can help you both avoid booking your event on important dates such as sports games etc.

  1. Lastly, giving your significant other control over the mediation. If there are family members who pressing you to attend but you just don’t have the room for them, let your partner be the one to tell them no. It’s one less thing you have to worry about and it lets your partner feel a sense of control without them having to give more energy than they’re willing.


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