How to “handle” your event: tips for creating an event hashtag

In the age of social media we all want to come up with a new way to share our memories and our photos are worth more than ever before! So what’s the best way to share these captured moments from various perspectives? Create a hashtag! Now to come up with something catchy and easy to type up for guests.

Tip 1: Keep your attendees in mind

Who is attending the event? Will they appreciate your crazy weird hashtag name? OR even know what to do with it? Hashtags work best with tech savvy crowds who already use social media sites.

Tip 2: What should the hashtag be

Brainstorm a few ideas! See what looks best, which are available, how easy it will be for guests to use. If you’re totally stuck…there are some websites that can help you generate some hashtag ideas! It comes up with suggestions based on your event. A great one for weddings would be Past Book , Wedding Hashtag Wall , or Wedding Wire . Make sure you choose something that is unique, short, related, and memorable.

Tip 3: Search it!

Now that you’ve come up with the hashtag options, search them online! You want to make sure you have something unique to your event so it’s easier to search through your photos after the event.

Tip 4: Share your hashtag

This is more important for a marketing perspective, like corporate or fundraising types of events than social ones. This is a great way to “brand” your event. For social events you can easily post a photo frame or chalkboard sign by the bar to let people know or make an announcement during the event. If you are doing online invites you can even mention it to your guests beforehand.

Tip 5: What happens after the event

If you’re into the digital invitations and RSVPs, you might want to do digital thank you cards as well! You can use photos and media they shared using the hashtag to remind them of the great time they had. Most importantly, sit down and enjoy the photos and videos your guests took at your event.

You can find our tagged photos with #specialeventdjz

Did this make you consider creating a hashtag for your next event?

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