How to Pick the Perfect Playlist for Your Next Event

We here at Special Event DJz tend to be very music oriented. Well, It is kind of our thing. It’s what drives us, balances us, and of course, it’s what pays our bills. Of course, you don’t have to be a DJ to love music. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t.

Music is one of the things that separates us from other species. It’s an essential enhancement to our lives, and in some cases, it makes it worth living. It is important, and it is even more important when you’re choosing the playlist for an event.

So, how do you go about choosing said playlist? Well, we’ve compiled a list of articles that might help.


Wedding Reception Playlists:

Check out this article from The KNOT featuring 100 Wedding Reception Songs Guaranteed to Keep Your Guests on the Dance Floor. They have everything covered from entrance tunes to dance tunes. They even have separated it out into some different genres of music.

Brides.com also offers some advice on How to Make the Best Wedding Reception Dance Playlist. In this article, the author music suggestions, but also her thought process on picking the perfect reception playlist.

Need a few more ideas? Check out this Pinterest Board from TheBudgetSavvyBride.com that is filled with excellent ideas.


Corporate Event Playlists:

Before choosing the music for your corporate event, you may want to brush up on the things you need to understand when picking it. Check out this article from SocialTables.com on how to do just that. In the article they give us 10 Secrets to Pick the Right Music for Events.


EventBrite is such an excellent resource for selling tickets for corporate and community events, but did you know that they also offer advice for event organizers. Check out this Top 10 Songs Played at Conferences and How to Use Them article they have on their European site.


MeetingTomorrow.com offers some advice on music to have your event speakers walk on stage like a star. Check out their article called, 8 Great Walk-On Songs for Corporate Events.


Hopefully, this quick article has helped spark some ideas for you. If you need more ideas on your next event or would like to discuss how we can help take your next event to the next level, don’t hesitate to give us out shout. We’d love to help.

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