How uplighting can completely transform your next big event?!

Why should I use uplighting in my wedding reception

Transform your event

Good lighting can make your guests forget the venue, bringing more focus towards the delightful sensory experience around them. Uplighting can add an element of grandiosity, making the ceilings seem taller and bringing attention to unique architectural features such as large columns.

Create Amazing Perspectives 

When you do all the planning, you always think about how your guests will enjoy your wedding. Yes, it’s your day. But you would also like to share happiness with them. Your guests might not remember the venue forever, but they will surely remember how your event made them feel. Get creative with the mood of your event and use uplighting to add an ambient touch.

Create an ambiance

Color and patterns in events are no longer just confined to the look of florals, table linens, and rental furniture. Clients are increasingly using lighting to add the extra touch of ambiance to their events. When combined with stunning florals, linens, furniture, and scenic props, event lighting can be the “it factor” that transforms a space from ordinary to extraordinary.


Give your event the final touches to create the memories you will cherish. The right wedding lighting can make everyone feel like they’re in a magical place! If you have poor lighting in your wedding venue, you risk ‘washing away’ the wedding cake, flowers and other decorations – the opposite of what you want.

So, we’re here to remind you just how important lighting really is! It sets the overall mood for your wedding and allows you to show off all the pretty details you’ve spent months thinking about. 

Here in Special Events DJZ, we have many years of experience with lighting, so we can provide you with the one that best suits your venue and event. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about what we can do for you – and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams! Let’s create the space where your guest says, “WOW”!

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