Ideas for an Intimate Backyard Wedding After Lockdown Ends

We get it. You’re stuck at home, you’ve put your wedding on hold, but you’re ready to tie the knot as soon as things open back up. Being a bit cautious, you may even be thinking of how to slim down the size of the affair. Yep, we understand. You still want to create that fairy tale ceremony and reception, but thanks to how things are, you want to be careful.

Well, why not consider a Backyard Wedding?  By its nature, a backyard ceremony and reception are more intimate. It’s also exceptionally light on the budget compared to renting a big venue. There are a few things to consider, however. Let’s discuss.

In the Yard…but where?

First of all, let’s pick the exact location in the yard or home you’re going to have the ceremony. Whatever location you choose will be the focal point and nucleus for the entire event. So, be sure to decorate out from that space. If a particular location doesn’t automatically stand out, you can always create a lovely spot by adding some potted plants, temporary lighting, and/or other decor.

Grumpy Old Man and the Law

Before you place the event on the calendar, you should make sure to check local noise ordinances, gathering ordinances, and definitely speak with your neighbors to ensure you’re not going to be disturbing others. Also be sure to do these things early in your process to make sure there’s nothing legal or otherwise that will prevent or restrict your special day from happening in the backyard

Cool Side note: If you ask your neighbors to attend, there’s strong chance that they’ll be a little more tolerant of any potential noise, street parking, or the like…even if they decline the invite. Obviously, that old curmudgeon who keeps shouting at folks to get off his lawn may still take issue…but it’s worth a shot to ask.

Dude, where’s my car…gonna be during the ceremony?

Speaking of parking. You definitely need to consider where your guests’ vehicles will be sitting during the event. When inviting your neighbors, you might want to consider asking them about possible parking spaces. OR, if there’s a local business, church, or other facility with a large parking area, see if they’d be willing to rent or allow you to use space there. If you do that, it’s also a good idea to ask local law enforcement if they’d mind making a few rounds.  Their patrolling will keep the vehicles safe, and make your guests feel more comfortable with parking off site.

Rain, Rain Go Away…but we have a plan if you don’t.

If the location you’ve chosen is actually outdoors, you should definitely make a rain plan or add a makeup date for the ceremony.  A rain plan can include a tent, or if your house is large enough, your rain plan could be to move things inside. You could also ask guests to bring umbrellas as well. If it’s a hot day, rain may actually be a welcomed sight.

If your rain plan is a makeup date, be sure to include that on your invitations.

Side Note: When getting your price quote for a tent, make sure it includes delivery, set-up, and tear-down. The last thing you want to worry about is setting up a huge tent you’ve never set up before.

Another good idea to consider is taking note of how your chosen location looks after a good rain or downpour.  You and your honey don’t want expressing your everlasting love to one another while standing in mud puddles. Plus, you don’t want your guests to ruin shoes or dresses because of muddy holes in the backyard.

Food and Stuff…

Unless you’re going to have a catering company prepare their goodies offsite and bring the food to your location, you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen is adequate for whoever is preparing the food.

You’ll also want to think about bathroom and toilet facilities. It may even be a good idea to rent some portable toilets, especially if you are on a septic system rather than public utilities.

Light, Sweat, and the Dark

When it gets dark out, set the mood with some outdoor lighting. If it’s a daytime event, make sure your guests have some cover from the heat or heat from the cold, and plenty of refreshments to combat either scenario.

Protect Yourself.

Anytime people gather, there is an increased chance that an accident may happen. Protect yourself from any increased liability of property damage by purchasing some event insurance. Weddings already come with some stressors, so alleviate some of those concerns by spending the little bit of money to add this coverage. That way when Uncle Dan hits the keg too hard and nose plants off of the patio, you’re covered.

Speaking of Uncle Dan’s nose plant, if you’re serving alcohol, you’re definitely going to want to provide transportation for the over imbibers in the group. You don’t want someone getting over served and have an accident on the way home.

Take Heart

True love knows no boundaries…including boundaries of restricted movement and time. We realize that you don’t want to spend another minute NOT married to your significant other, but things are what they are right now. When it does start to open back up, an intimate backyard wedding is a great way to restrict your number of guests, and make the day just as special as one in held in a huge ballroom.

Want more wedding and event ideas, or want help planning that backyard affair, reach out to us here at Special Event DJz….weddings and events are kinda our thing.

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