Is Lighting Necessary for my Event?

Wedding Reception Up Lighting

Well, the short answer is, YES!

Lighting serves a much larger purpose than just making your event look cool. As a matter of fact, It’s one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding reception, corporate event, or party because it creates the ambiance that ties things together… probably better than just about any other decoration or accent you can use.

Last week we discussed how special effects can add another dimension to your event. This week it seems only proper for us to add some depth to that discussion by talking about lighting.

While we may not consciously it, there are Four useful purposes that great event lighting serves.

Lights Serve to illuminate

Proper lighting illuminates your event. Your keynote speakers, entertainers, performers, guests of honor, and MCs need to be illuminated in order to perform their roles. Proper and thoughtful lighting serves this purpose, and also helps keep your audience engaged in the activities.

Lighting Facilitates Focus

The proper lighting allows for guests of honor, married couples, the toast master, and your keynote speaker to become the center of focus. It directs the audience’s attention to where you want it to be in a subtle and unobtrusive manner.

Lights set the Mood

Most events have themes or at least a goal for a certain mood or ambiance. Lighting professionals, like us here at Special Event DJz, can assist you in creating and enhancing the appropriate atmosphere. Natural and industrial light are great for schools and work, but proper lighting at your wedding reception or event is not just solely about function…it is meant to create the form and foundation of your event.

Holistic Balance

Colored lighting, spotlights, specialty lighting, and accent lighting create a big picture setting for your event. It allows your attendees to leave the world outside behind and enter a world of your making. It creates the environment you wish you portray.


So, there you have it. Hopefully you now see why great lighting is so essential for your next event. When planning that event, be sure to include it as part of your budget and plans. We’d be glad to assist as we have an arsenal of lighting options available, and we’re not afraid to use it. Reach out to us for more info.

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