Micro Weddings are Trending…for Obvious Reasons.

We’re probably all sick of hearing terms like, “in these uncertain” times, or, “times like this are unprecedented.” Not only are we hearing these phrases on constant repeat, they seem to serve as terrible reminders of the ambitious plans we had prior to the Covid-19 shutdowns. To some degree, it saddens us at the lost opportunities.  Especially those among us who were planning large fairy tale style weddings.

It can be heartbreaking and even discouraging… but, you’re not alone. Countless couples are navigating the same exact waters. For many, the excitement that they had for their big day has been replaced by stress and anxiety. The dream wedding that they…or you… have always wanted is now but a distant thought.

Don’t let it get to you. Take heart and realize that you’ll now be apart of setting a new trend in the wedding industry…which is pretty cool. While micro weddings have always been a thing, they are now the wave of the most immediate future. They will definitely be a #trending topic, so embrace it and get ahead of the trend so you can brag about it for years to come.

In all practicality, it probably wasn’t something that would remotely cross your mind a few months back, but it is the most viable solution to cementing your love the days. So…again, embrace it.

So, what is a micro wedding?

Defined, it refers to a wedding with 15 or fewer guests. With most places only allowing a handful of people to gather in one place “these days”, it most definitely would be fewer than 15.

A Micro wedding may seem like it would be letdown compared to the princess wedding you imagined, but there is no reason it can’t still be an affair to remember with many positives. For example, you get to invite only your core friends and family, and everyone else will understand. No more pressure to invite co-workers, extended family, and acquaintances just to save some feels. Emphasis leaves all the pomp and circumstance, and now revolves around the wedding’s intended purpose…recognizing the love between two humans.

Even before the pandemic, some venues were beginning offered scaled back ceremonies for couples who were looking to save time and cash. Now that ‘Rona is here, venues are seeing an opportunity…more out of necessity… to reach couples who are keen on getting married despite the pandemic.

Another positive of a micro wedding is the cost versus a much larger one. Typically, the cost of an officiant, some entertainment, and photographer are similar versus larger weddings, but you save a large chunk of change on catering and event space. If you were planning before the shutdowns, you know exactly how significant those costs are and how quickly they eat away at a wedding budget.

Most micro weddings are held in outdoor areas like backyards, parks, and other open settings with a beautiful backdrop These types of areas lend themselves well to CDC guidelines and allow for appropriate distancing.

Final thoughts on this: Don’t be discouraged. Life, like marriage, often throws us a few curve balls. Adapt and make the best of it, and it will make life…and marriage…a whole lot easier.

We here at Special Event Proz have had the pleasure to assist our clients plan weddings of all sizes, and we would love to lend you a hand in planning yours. If you’d like more ideas for you micro wedding, help planning it, or you’d like to discuss how we can help with the entertainment, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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