Must Haves for Your Next Event or Party

Whether you’re a party pro, or a newbie to hosting events, there is a definitive list of things that are must haves for any party in the 21st century.

Here’s a list:

The Right Decor.

Regardless of the type of event, you should most definitely have the décor reflect your intentions. If it’s a corporate event, create a theme and decorate around that. If it’s a birthday party, that one should be kind of easy…but be original. If it’s a wedding reception, be sure to create a décor that reflects your personality. Either way, get that décor right.  Make sure that everything from the lighting to the balloons speak about what’s happening.

A Dang Thermostat.

Properly functioning heating and/or AC is essential to keeping your party or event on track. If it gets too warm, folks are going to stop dancing…or fall asleep. Plus, that stank that comes from someone getting sweaty can be a definite party vibe killer. Or on the reverse, if folks get too cold, they’re not going to be in much of a party mood.  Make sure to check with your venue or event planner to ensure you have control over the temps.

A Pre-planned Playlist.

Obviously, if you hire Special Event Proz as your DJ or event planner, we’re going to insist that you cover this particular base, but without a pre-planned list, your party or event will come across as unorganized. Music is essential to any type of event…corporate events included.  Make sure you’ve pre-planned your music choices and timing before the party starts.

Goody Bags or Mementos.

If it’s within your budget, goody bags and mementos can help keep things more memorable for your guests. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but even a little something will put a smile on your guest’s faces. Plus, with corporate events, it’s a great way to make things standout via themed gifts.


You don’t necessarily have to serve a full-course meal, but you at least need to be offering something for your guests to graze on. If your event is going to be scheduled during a mealtime, then that obviously would be an exception…you had better be serving a meal. For most events, however, you can get away with some finger foods or light hors d’oeuvres. If you have to cut a corner in your event budget, please don’t let it be the food.

A Signature Beverage or Cocktail.

Want to add that extra personal touch or flair to your event? Create a signature drink to coincide with the theme of the party. You should obviously offer water, and other assorted soft drinks, but mix it up by offering a kicking theme related punch or cocktail.

Hashtag for Selfies and Photo Booths.

If you’re hosting a once in a lifetime event, a photo booth is a must. Combine that with an event specific hashtag, and everyone can enjoy the party for years to come via social media. Plus, photo booths are always a huge hit with guests. Not only will they enjoy playing with the props and backdrops, but it guarantees that they’ll be posting images from your party all over the ‘gram. Psst…we here at Special Event Proz rent photo booths and can guide you with several fun ideas on how to get the most out of them.  Learn more about them by clicking here.


So there ya have it. Look, we know how tough it can be to organize a party or an event…because we do it every day, but if you’ll utilize this list for your next one…and hire us to help…you’ll get to spend more time enjoying the party and less time worrying about other things.

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