Our Social Distancing Playlist

It is our sincere hope that you all are doing well during these unprecedented times. We here at Special Event Proz are doing our best to stay busy, and of course, keep things positive. By the way, if you missed our Virtual House Party over the weekend on Facebook, you can check it out by clicking here. 

Either way, we thought it would be fun to join in with others out there and create a micro social distancing playlist. Check it out and be sure to share the tunes you have in your SD list on our Facebook Page.


  • Dancing with Myself: Billy Idol


  • Don’t Stand So Close To Me: The Police


  • Staying Alive: The Bee Gees


  • Toxic: Brittany Spears


  • The End of the World: Billie Eilish


  • It’s the End of the World: REM


  • Isolation: Joy Division


  • Jesus, Take the Wheel: Carrie Underwood


  • Alone: The Bedpans


  • Contagious: Avril Lavigne


So, there ya go. This will get you started if you haven’t already created your own. Remember! If you have already setup your own SD playlist, share your favs with us on our Facebook page.

Hang in there gang. Be positive! This too shall pass and we’ll have some character building experiences to show for it….especially since there’s plenty of music to enjoy while we’re socially distanced.

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