You’ve secured the basics for your event, whether it’s a wedding, Mitzvah, private party, or corporate function. Now, let’s enhance it and make your it unlike any other.

Special Event Proz can help you make your event spectacular with our diverse variety of special effects, ranging from indoor pyrotechnics and sparklers to cloud effects, confetti canons, and more.

If you’re looking to visually enhance your event, then explore our offerings below for inspiration and ideas. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something very specific, give us a call to discuss your project!


Cold Sparkler Fountain

An unforgettable way to highlight a special moment is with sparklers. Our cold sparkler fountains are completely safe for indoor and close proximity use, and are wirelessly operated. Our package will also include two sparklers to make sure that the effect is visible from all angles.

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Dancing on the Clouds

True fairy tale moments in real life are hard to come by -- but an easy way to make them happen for yourself is to have a dance on the clouds. Our fog machines operate using Hot water and dry ice, no oils or chemicals, and will ensure that your photos are unparalleled.

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Confetti Canons

Confetti is a classic and timeless addition to events and celebrations that will literally bring in the moment with a "bang." Our package will include two canons, each with four tubes of confetti, and a tom of customization options including colors, streamers, effects (such as metallics), and even biodegradable materials.

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Cake Mapping

For many people, the cake will be the center piece of their event. And while there are countless talented bakers and cake designers out there, there's an easier way to make sure that your cake has every detail and blows away your guests - cake mapping. We can program 3D designs onto a 5 tier cake via projection, per your specifications! There are endless possibilities on what you can do with cake mapping.

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