Professional DJ V.S. Friend with a playlist/Spotify

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Professional DJ V.S. Friend with a playlist/Spotify

Professional DJ

  1. DJs rank among the happiest careers. And with that said, they can certainly make you and your guest happy too!

  2. A professional DJ will be able to provide all of the equipment necessary for your event. DJs come with solid, working equipment that will sound great.

  3. Your guest requests it, they’ll roll it. Plain and simple.

  4. Professional DJs are experienced with weddings and can help keep your wedding flowing smoothly.

  5. Professional DJs know the songs that get people up and moving AND the ones that keep people in their seats.

  6. An experienced DJ also acts as emcee—which is a huge help when you’re having a big event. They’ll make announcements, get people on the dance floor at the right time, keep tabs on your crowd, and make sure everyone is having a good time.

  7. Keeping a large group of people with diverse tastes happy and on the dance floor is a challenge—and it’s one professional DJs are experienced in the meeting.

  8. Hiring a DJ has a comparatively low cost but makes a big impact

  9. Professionalism at it’s finest – While a professional DJ requires more investment than a Friend with a Playlist, that investment is going to provide you peace of mind that your event is in good hands and that your music is handled. You’ll be able to actually be present and enjoy your event instead of worrying constantly about what your friend with a playlist might play next.

Hiring a friend with a playlist/Spotify

  1. Budget-friendly, of course!

  2. You can request your preferred songs before the wedding. But consider this fact – your friends are going to want to be dancing, maybe drinking, socializing and he really can’t do that if he’s stuck playing music and making announcements all night.

  3. A Friend with a Playlist likely isn’t going to have access to high-quality equipment. If you’re looking for a phone connected to a Bluetooth speaker for your event, this may be a good option. If you are looking for someone to bring in professional equipment and music that isn’t ripped from youtube, this may not be the best choice.

  4. A professional DJ is responsible for coordinating the flow of your event. While your friend with a playlist may be good to set up and play a few songs, they will not have the experience or skill at managing the flow of your party that a professional DJ will have.

You are asking someone to work for several hours and a DJ typically ensures your reception runs smoothly.  Your reception is the biggest expense of your wedding, and for many, the highlight of the day, so I would think you would want it to go well. Trust it to professionals. Music is an essential element in creating unforgettable moments.

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