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I was very impressed with this company. Michael stayed in touch from the time we first contacted him. His prices were very fair. I really appreciated his online payment system. He made sure that all of the details were covered before the event. I spoke directly with him and then his DJ Cali which made me very comfortable. Cali was wonderful. Very professional and responsive to the party. She really got the party rockin!I highly recommend this company!

Edy S. / Venice, CA

If you're looking for a professional DJ company to cater to your needs, look no further. Michael worked with me from my initial call and helped me set up my event. Dennis was our DJ and he was able to play our songs, incorporate incoming requests and mix everything together flawlessly. I'll definitely be using them again for future events!

Sheliza K / Beverly Hills, CA

We had a 40th birthday party with a full professional DJ setup, dance and Ambiance light package along with the crowd-favorite photo booth. All of the services went seamless opposed from the bartender who didn't show up with enough beer, the taco guy who didn't have enough food and showed up late another mishaps that happened that night... But the DJs were 100% spot-on, not only played music but interacted with us to create a real event!!

Michael G. / San Jose, CA

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It's booking season now. Check if we are available HERE or give us a call or send us an email. We notice about 40% of couples book in advance for their event and this shows in the event planning process.  This allows the 40% of clients to have a stress free booking and planning process.  Our goal is to have fun through the entire process while focusing on every detail massive to macro.

Coverage area

Where's the party at?

We have traveled worldwide to cater to our clients every wish. Our unique style & eye for detail gets us going to places we never could imagine.  We are based in Los Angeles California In the San Fernando Valley in the city of Winnetka. We often play out in Ventura, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Orange County, Irvine, Anaheim, Oak Park, Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Burbank, Topanga, Bell Canyon, Moorpark, Hidden Valley, Los Virgenes, Calabasas, La Canada Flintridge and many others.

Payment type

We making payments easy

To put a deposit or to make a reoccurring payment all you have to do is sign into your portal. It's fast easy and tracks all payments you have made & that are due and is accessible 24/7/365.

How long do you hold our date

10 days 

We can hold your date for 10 days after the contract is sent.

Deposit / Retainer

25 % Deposit

You deposit amount is based on the total cost of Your events. Your total amount due 30 days before your event.


Yes, we send a contract

Special Event DJz will always provide a contract.  Once all the details have been discussed and agreed upon for both parties to E-sign, we make this easy too 🙂



We provide insurance to every venue upon request within 24/hours as most venues require vendor insurance. If a vendor does not have this it can cost YOU $250-$300 estimated to protect the venue from any damages or liability. better be safe than sorry. 

Payment due

30 days before event date

Payments can be made anytime after the deposit to retain our services are made.  The final payment must be 30 days before your event.  if you are booking less than 30 days before your event we ask for payment in full. 

DJ/MC/Event Staff

How do you mix

Live Mixing For Live Dancing

All of our multi-award winning DJz are skilled in artistic seamless transition mixing and beat matching. With your Custom or our top 200 requested songs, we will be reading the crowd are sure to keep the dance floor packed and full of energy all night long. If you are looking for traditional, non-traditional or multi-cultural music we have got you covered. You can listen to some of our prerecorded mixes HERE.

Will my DJ be my MC

All our DJz are Master of Ceremony's

It is key that all of our Djz train hosting, presentation, and microphone techniques to MC your event to ensure a successful event. Our DJ/MC will make announcements based on your direction during the planning stage so we know how little or a lot you would like them to engage the crowd and invoke crowd participation while follwoing your timeline schedule. 

Staff Dress Code

Dressed to Impress

Our DJz Super Hero uniform consists of a dark suit & Tie or formal dress. During your planning, you can request us to dress to match a theme or color as well.

When does the DJ arrive

If we arrive on time we are late

All of our Djz will arrive on-site to an event 2-3 hours in advance at no additional cost.  This allows for most possibilities for delays and setup. a Dj Setup takes about 45 min, a Photobooth takes about 45 Miin & Lighting takes about 45 min to set up and test.  Our goal is to be dressed and ready to perform 30 min before showtime as some guest may arrive slightly early. At times we are not allowed inside a venue but 1-2 hours in advance at which time depending on the services requested we may need additional staff to set up in the limited amount of time provided. If an earlier setup is required we do have options for an early setup.

What Happens If the Dj Does not Show up

If this happens....

If this happens you have hired someone else. We have many steps in place to confirm with you and our staff and back up staff to ensure we will always have a plan A, B, C for every event. We check in with the DJz 1 month,1 week, 1 day, day of, pick up time, ETA of the event location, On Site, &finally once everything is set up so we will know in advance if there are any delays or adjustments needed to meet the scheduled timeline of events. 

Should I tip the Event Staff

Tipping, Not just for Cows

A tip goes a long way, especially with artists. It is a way to confirm you did an exceptional job and you as the client was receptive to this 150% effort and loved loved loved it. As tipping is at your discretion, a normal tip is 10% - 20% of the booking fee. 

Gratitude is greatly appreciated and go a long way.

Can I book overtime with the DJ

Overtime means we are doing something right

After every event, we ask a series of questions to our DJz to get an idea of how the event went and one is, " Did you get tipped and overtime?" This is important to understand how satisfied the client was/is.

Overtime is based on the package and amount of event staff we have on site 15 min before the original end time of the event. The overtime and tip are paid directly to the DJz Via Venmo,PayPal, or Cash.

All overtime needs to be paid in advance to the overtime starting and is NOT considered a tip.

How space do you need

Big sound from a small setup

All of our equipment is the newest technology which means it packs a whopping 2600 watts of sound from a space including the DJ and mixing board from around an 8 feet wide x 6 feet across the amount of space.

Our photo booth with fun props and a super fast 8 secs a print printer will take up about 15 feet wide x 10 feet across.

*We bring all of our own tables needed

Should I feed the DJ

4 hours events turn into 8 hour days

Your event may seem a short amount of time, but the DJz day started much earlier and normally are focused on entertaining the guests and should get some Non- Alcoholic refreshments and some food have it be a vendor meal or guest food, whichever you would like to provide. 

If after the guests have eaten it is possible to request the DJz to grab a bite of the leftovers this is always greatly appreciated.

What Backup Plans do you have

Two is one & one is none

We have a plan A, B, C for everything. We have 2-3 staff members booked at all times for your event and each staff member is a DJ/MC, backup laptop, & HD. As well we also back up all special songs onto the cloud so no matter what happens we can play music from any device.

We also upgrade our equipment every 36 months to ensure our equipment is in the best possible condition to be used at your event and to give you the most up to date equipment the market has to offer. 

You will have a qualified DJ and a working sound system at your event.  WE GUARANTEE IT.

What is our drug and alcohol policy

Simple, "Just say no!"

As much as we love to party and have fun with you, please know in advance we have a strict policy that the only time we say "No" to a client is when it can have a negative impact on the party, and this is one of those times. 

We must stay sharp to complete the party with an above 5 - star quality of service and get home safely so we can do again for you very soon.



How large is your music catalog

We've got what you need

We have over 100K songs and music videos and visuals for all occasions and holidays. In a 4hr party we are able to mix around 120 to 150 songs depending on how fast we mix, if you would like to check out our songs you can check them out HERE

Do you take breaks

The music will never stop

We are humans who must sleep, eat, and yes use the restroom.  if this happens we will notify all necessary parties and we will put on a bathroom mix or playlist. 

We normally would use the restroom during meal time or a slow part of the night to avoid leaving the decks during the hottest part of the night. 

Do I get to pick my playlist

Yes, Yes, Yes

This is not our party, it's yours and let's rock the house. With that in mind make sure to pick music for the age range and styles everyone will like, or we can just play your favorite music, LOL

Can I plug in my phone or device

Plug and Play

we will provide with all of our systems a Aux Cord which will be a 3.5mm cable that can plug into a headphone jack( not charging port).

Is your music Clean(Censored) or Dirty (Explicit)

Yes ,100%

90% of the parties we play for are from 6 years to 60 years of a age and all of our music is CENSORED.

10% of the time we do get ADULT ONLY parties and we are asked to play uncensored version of music which we also have as well. 

Can you make a custom edit

Music is our life

We can create a custom edit in our studio.  Just provide the song titles, the point in which you would like the edit and we will create a smooth and seamless transition.


We do this often for grand entrances and first dances to either extend or shorten songs.

Do you have multicultural music

No matter what color Jelly Bean 

No Matter what color Jelly Belly you are we love your flavor and we will make sure to get you and all your friends and family members on the dance floor all night long!!


We have English,Latin, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Russian, Israeli, and many other types of DJ and Music. 

Event Planner

What is the difference between a coordinator and a planner
Wedding Equipment Rentals in Burbank

In simple terms,

the planner makes the critical decisions regarding the what, when who and how of the event. The coordinator is responsible for making sure all the details are executed and that each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately.

What if I already have my event partially planned
Wedding Planning in West Los Angeles

No worries!

We’re happy to still help get all the final details in order and take it off your hands. My job as a planner/coordinator is to manage your event while you enjoy it!

If I hire you as a planner/coordinator, do I have to use your vendors
Beach Wedding PLanners in California

We do have recommended vendors

 and suggestions depending on what you’re looking for. However, we are always happy to meet new vendors if you have selected yours already!

What does an event planner do

A planner is all about logistics

We provide vendor referrals and negotiate contracts; schedule and attend all vendor meetings, create detailed timelines and floor plans, help determine and manage your budget, attend site tours and menu tastings, brainstorm-style ideas and coordinate design details, coordinate hotel room blocks and transportation, manage the rehearsal, and oversees everything on the day of the event.

Reasons to hire an event planner

You have a budget

  • You want the least possible amount of stress
  • You have no free time
  • You have no clue where to start
  • You have a very short time frame for planning
  • You’re throwing a destination event, your big event involved multiple events
  • You’re hosting in an unusual space
What does a day-of coordinator do
Wedding Cakes in Burbank

A day of coordinator focuses

on logistics but on a shorter timeline than a planner. Usually, we begin helping you prepare a month before the event and our main function is to confirm vendor contracts, create a day-of timeline, make sure payments & guest count are in order

Reasons to hire a day-of coordinator

Your the main designer

  • You want to play an active role in planning your event and have someone else take care of the last-minute details
  • You’re extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • You don’t have the budget for a full-service planner
Los Angeles Wedding PLanners
When is it too late to hire a day of coordinator
Catering Vendors near Anaheim

A month before your event

 is a good time to finalize booking a day-of coordinator. This gives an ample amount of time for the coordinator to become familiar with you and your event! Not making the cut-off? Give us a call or e-mail us, we can discuss what you need for your event and go from there.

Special Effects

Sparklers are safe

We have certified our Sparklers are safe

We have taken the time to get certified to make sure all our guests and our staff are safe while also having an amazing experience at the same time.

Confetti Cannons

Let's have a blast

When it comes to confetti we can cusotmisze everything down to teh color of teh confetti, how many blasts per party and what material you would like such as paper,metallic, or streamers.