Should You Hire a DJ for Your Next Event?

Should You Hire a DJ?

I think we can all agree that any great event should at least have a backing track. Music is so entrenched in our daily lives that any proper celebration would be far less celebratory without it. That’s exactly why we love what we do, and why we do it.

So is the answer to our question above always a definitive yes? Well, almost…there are a few exceptions. Before we discuss those exceptions, let’s chat for a sec on how to find a perfect DJ. Why? Because a great DJ is going to be honest as to whether you actually need them or not. Plus, if you’re not wanting to be diligent in your DJ search, then you probably shouldn’t hire one.

Be sure to have a face to face or at least a Zoom/Face-time meeting with the actual person who will be DJing your event.

Any reputable DJ company should offer you a consultation prior to the day of your event. We hear at Special Event DJz definitely offer our clients consultations. We want to make sure we’re a good fit for your event, and want to ensure that we have the right DJ for your event.

If you can’t get with them face to face or digitally, at least try to speak with them on the phone. Doing so allows you to build rapport with the individual, share your thoughts and musical tastes, and most importantly, it allows you to verify their professionalism.

Do they speak clearly enough that Granny Alma can understand them? Or, do they sound like the guy on the news being interviewed after the tornado went through his mobile home community. (Not that we don’t love the tornado dude, but he may not be the best fit as a master of ceremonies for your event.)

Remember, you’re trusting this person with a huge part of your event, so it’s important to verify that they fit your aspirations. If they don’t, speak with the management of the DJ company to see if they could offer someone who may be a better compliment to your affair. If they can’t, move on to the next company.

Things you should ask about during said face to face.

DJing large scale events requires planning and coordination, so don’t be afraid to ask your prospective DJ about his/her experience. In addition, don’t be scared to ask for references. All events have a lot of moving parts and a great DJ can help keep those parts moving in a correct way. DJs act as the master of ceremonies, make announcements, introduce guests of honor, host games, answer questions, and even help navigate unforeseen situations. In other words, playing music isn’t their only responsibility. Whoever you choose should be someone who can stay calm under pressure. The DJs here at Special Event DJz go through comprehensive training, and are seasoned veterans of the trade prior to being the lead DJ on any event.

When planning your event, be sure the DJ fits your event type or that your event even needs one.

It may be obvious to some, but always consider the nature of your event prior to determining if you need a DJ or not. What’s the goal of your event? If the primary goal is networking where people need to be able to chat freely, then a DJ is probably not a good fit. A small sound system and a Spotify playlist in the background may work. (By the way, we rent sound systems here at Special Event DJz)

If it’s a wedding or celebration style event, however, Spotify won’t cut it. You’ll spend more time working the volume knob, skipping songs, and running to the sound system every time you need to make announcements. You’ll be too busy to enjoy the event. Hiring a pro is definitely worth the peace of mind alone, and you won’t miss the event by playing DJ.

Many people chuckle at us when we say being a professional DJ isn’t something to be taken likely. Don’t get us wrong. It’s a fun job, but being on point, pleasing all musical tastes, and keeping things on track is like juggling cats sometimes. (Not that we would ever do that to cats)

We love what we do, and we know how to pull off a sweet event so that you can enjoy it without sweating the entertainment details. Just give us a shout and we’ll gladly take that stress off of your back.

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