Taking Short Cuts on Wedding Entertainment Often Results in Cringe.

Saving money, especially today, is extremely important. When planning your wedding, however, you might not want to skimp on the entertainment…because it can make things awkward, just plain cringy, and memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

Cousin Rufus may some talent and excellent choices in music, but just because he has a PA system and is willing to play the music at your reception shouldn’t be the reason you use him. Why? Check out these videos and it will be abundantly clear.


The first dance with your new spouse should be a special thing. It is your very first dance as a married couple, and it is your first step towards what is hopefully a long and awesome life together. Skimping on your DJ can have some negative side effects. Face the awkward in this video and learn from it:


Okay, so we’ve persuaded you to hire someone, but how do you know they’re the right fit? Well, be sure to check those reviews so you don’t end up like the couple in this next video.


Communication is key when hiring a DJ… especially when they’re providing the music for the actual ceremony. Make sure your DJ is a great listener and fully understands what you expect during all facets of the wedding. That way you don’t end up with a DJ like the one in the following video. The wedding march is no time to practice your mashup skills without discussing.


Maybe we’re a bit biased, but being a great DJ actually requires you to read the room, have some talent for keeping a party moving, and not calling for a conga line then throwing in a slow Phil Collins while ignoring the party. Seems like common sense, but the guy in the next video didn’t seem to have a clue. Check it out.


Avoid the cringe by hiring the right DJ for your wedding. Hiring the wrong one can take what’s supposed to be one of your happiest memories of your life, and make it a hurtful one. In addition, Cousin Rufus needs to perfect his skills before getting out of the garage with his PA…just saying.

We here at Special Event DJz will make sure your wedding, reception, and the party is one for the ages…not one you’d want to forget.  Give us a shout to discuss details on how we can do just that.

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