The Difference Between a Good DJ and a Great One

Hiring event or wedding entertainment isn’t necessarily rocket surgery. That being said, you should take a moment to ask yourself if you’re looking for someone who is competent enough to handle the task, or are you looking for someone to make your event even more memorable. Why? Glad you asked. When hiring the best possible DJ for you wedding or event, you should know that there are some characteristics that make the difference between competence and greatness, and in no certain order, here they are…


Loves the music

This one is kind of obvious or self-explanatory, but this actually speaks to the motivation for someone to get into the DJ business. Like the garage band banging out some crappy tunes down the street, too many people get involved in the DJ industry because they want to look “cool” … not for a true love of music.

Trust us, you don’t want to hire this particular DJ. There is no passion for the content of the job…only for the packaging.  You want a DJ who loves music, loves to see people react to it, and loves helping facilitate the bringing together of the two.



Look, everyone makes fun of the “play Free Bird” guy at bars and parties. He’s one dimensional in his musical tastes, and not flexible at all. Don’t hire a one-dimensional DJ with limited musical tastes. Hire the person who listens to multiple genres. If you do, that individual can adapt to any request, any situation, and anything your event can throw at them. A flexible DJ is a great DJ.


Has great relationships with other vendors

A great DJ will have will have already built a reputation and relationships with a variety of vendors. Why? Glad you asked this one as well. Frankly, because a great DJ has a great personality which is amicable towards others. It comes with the territory of MC’ing parties. Plus, it’s always beneficial when your DJ can recommend other vendors…it’s a quality service they can provide to help make their client’s lives easier.


Is attentive to your preferences and can read the room

There’s nothing worse than some DJ standing in a corner playing music to an empty dance floor. Well, that may be bit over dramatic, but it is a sign of a poor DJ. Often times, this is as a result of a DJ failing to read his/her audience and/or failing to listen to what you tell them as a client. You know your guests better than anyone, and a great DJ should be in tune with his/her audience. This is how a party keeps moving, and this is how a great DJ shines.


Hopefully, these pointers are helpful for you in your search for the perfect DJ for your event. We would love to show you how we can help and have the opportunity to show you our stuff. You can get more ideas or even interview us for your next event by reaching out to us here.

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