The Lockdown Will lift Eventually. This is How we’re planning to keep you safe at Events.

At this point, I think we can safely say that we are all lockdown pros. We’ve been adhering to the CDC guidelines and government recommendations, we understand social distancing and the importance of keeping clean hands, and we all know more about a virus than we ever hoped to know.

The good news is that it looks as if we’re getting one step closer to coming out of the Covid Hibernation.   As a result, we’ve been planning on how we’re going to approach the safety of both our clients and staff when it does happen.

So far, we’ve come up with 4 steps…

Disclaimer: While the overall sentiment and safety practices we mention below are legit and serious in nature, we may try our hand at a little humor, so bear with us if it falls short. What’s important is it made the author laugh and helped him cope with serious subject matter.  

  1. Continuing to keep a social distance at events:

In an effort to respect the safety measures recommended for this virus and to continue practicing good habits, we’re going to maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. We also recommend that you consider avoiding larger group gatherings at your events. In addition, we would recommend avoiding choosing songs for your playlist that might encourage close proximity dancing with people you haven’t been around in a while.

Instead, make your event more intimate by inviting smaller numbers of people.

None of us wants to give granny the Covid, so if you must include slow jams in the playlist be sure to let everyone know that those dances are solely for the long time lovers at the party… and as healthy as granny and grandpa’s love life may be, they should probably still do their dancing a good ways away from everyone else…on every song, not just the slow ones.

  1. Sanitizing Mics in Between Toasts:

Probably one of our biggest and most serious concerns in regard to Corona safety would have to microphone usage.

The father of the bride and best man should definitely be heard during their toasts, but because of the proximity needed to speak into a mic properly is important, we definitely wanted to come up with methods and procedures to ensure that germs are alleviated between each use.

I mean, some people even have a tendency, especially after a few adult beverages, to put the entire mic inside their mouths while speaking….so, you can see why this is a concern.

What are we doing to ensure safe microphone passage from user to user? Using disinfectant spray, of course. Once a person is done with a mic, we will spray it down immediately.  Doing this should definitely reduce the chances of cooties and the covid from being shared with others.

  1. Screening Event Attendees (Not Us, You):

While we will not be performing tests on or screening your guests, we highly recommend you consider doing it. Take a page out of Disney World’s proposed plan, and check Uncle Ralph’s temp before allowing him inside the venue. It’s your event, so you have the authority to ask, and even refuse entry to anyone.

Plus, it may be a great way to keep someone you didn’t really want to attend…but had to invite because your mom said it was the nice thing to do…from making it in. Nothing says you have to show them the reading on the thermometer.

Just say, “Sorry Crazy Fascist Neighbor Hazel, but you’re coasting at 102.3 degress right now. We can’t letcha in. Yeah, it makes me sad too, but thanks for grabbing those forks off that bridal registry for me.”

  1. Guest Sign in Books

Obviously, we don’t want everyone grabbing the same pens to write in the same book that everyone else is touching. That seems like a great way to spread just about any type of disease imaginable…especially in these days where we’re all more sensitive to such things.

As a result, we thought we’d throw out the old analog method of guest book strategies. Yep, we’re going digital baby. As a matter of fact, we have QR code scans that will take your guests straight to a place in the cloud to sign in for you event. No touching of things necessary.

We know it’s not as personal as having an actual autograph, but it serves the purpose. Plus, it alleviates all that terrible penmanship and keeps you from having to play the guessing game as to who actually signed it.


Other things we’re contemplating:

MASKS: There seems to be some mixed reviews and science on the effectiveness of masks, but more than likely, we will continue to wear them just to be cautious.

Performing Online based consultations with our clients versus Face to Face: If we’ve learned nothing else over these last three or so months, it’s that face to face meetings, while more personal, aren’t always necessary to getting things done. Plus, Skype and/or Zoom meetings are a whole lot more convenient for everyone. You don’t even have to wear pants.


Finally, we’ve tried to have a little fun while writing about a profoundly serious topic…safety. While we joke about things from time to time, we are taking everyone of these steps to ensure that we are as safe as possible after this lockdown lifts. Stay Safe.

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