Tips for your song selecting of your Wedding

Getting your wedding ceremony music right will play a big part on your wedding day as the music played will surely set the tone of the entire event. You can start getting some ideas right here.

First dance

Some say, it’s for the sake of tradition. But for others, it’s the start of their husband & wife’s journey being together. Make sure to look for lyrics that should speak to your relationship together. It might be simple, but heartfelt. Like when you hear it, all you can say is “this is our song.”Remember, the first dance gets the party started and establishes the energy for your wedding reception.

Happy Guest, of all ages. 

Your first dance may get the party started and establishes the energy for your wedding reception. But you need to make sure that every song is ambient and comfortable for listeners as well. Remember, most of the guests you will have especially for major sponsors are 30 years old and above. Make sure to tone down the volume as much as possible. You don’t want anything too loud – and make sure the pace is slow and calming.

Now, for the next brides and grooms 

Do a roll call for all your single female and male friends/guests onto the dance floor ( oops! this is according to tradition ) try to ask your DJ to sound in a catchy tune to help one gal and bud snag the bouquet and garter toss. Make sure to choose an upbeat and lighthearted song.

Food, Music

I’m sure you don’t want to hear cutlery clinking or chairs being pushed in and out, so keep the wedding reception songs going. An acoustic soloist, while guest is busy eating their buffet, is a great idea as well.


But of course, if you’ve already hired a wedding band or a professional DJ, the hardest part is over as they will surely give you the best music from the wedding proper up to the midnight party. 

Here in Special Event DJz, we have music remixes that are available for all ages. We’ll make sure we pair you with one of our professional wedding DJs to ensure that your special day is just that…special and like no other.


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