Tips to have a stress free wedding!

Tips to have a stress free wedding

What do I want?

Stay firm and clear about what you want and stick to it- as simple as that.

Constantly changing your mind and shifting the goalposts can ramp up the pressure, so clarity is key to staying calm and retaining control. Obviously, you want it to be a wonderful day, but you can drive yourself to distraction in the run-up worrying about every tiny detail. Often, it’s those closest to you who unwittingly add to the pressure.

Communicate with your partner

As emotions intensify during the wedding planning process, you can avoid frustration between you and your loved one by simply communicating with him or her. Miscommunications can make you miss the opportunity to build trust between you and your partner, leading to problems during the planning process and in the future.

Talk it out

When in doubt, talk it out. Sit down with some of your besties or a few of your family members and give them the lowdown on your wedding planning stress. Sharing can be very cathartic.

Hire a planner

If you’re having trouble juggling all your vendors, plans and appointments, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Their job is to keep everything running smoothly, so they’ll definitely take away some of that wedding planning stress.

Choose the right vendor team

Stacking your wedding’s crack team with the right vendors is the key to staying zen. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, they’re probably equipped with a preferred vendor list, making finding trustworthy and reliable vendors a cinch.

Trust us: Wedding planning should be thrilling and sublime, not stressful. Don’t let this exciting time go to waste. 

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