Today, DJs do So Much More than Play Music. Check Out This Post to Learn What!

The title of DJ has evolved into so much more than someone who plays music through a PA system. Likewise, a DJ company is so much more than an organization that provides a person to show up and play music. We do so much more, and today, our DJ company has become more of a one-stop party and event shop.

What kind of other stuff do we offer? Great question. Below you’ll find just a sampling of some of the event services we offer here at Special Event DJz.

Photo booth rentals:

Over the last five or ten years, photo booths have become a very popular and common attraction at most private events. From wedding receptions to corporate events, a photobooth can add something fun, exciting, and special to your special occasion. Not only that, but they are a great way to preserve some very fun memories. Check out this video of some of the photo booth fun enjoyed by our clients.

Cake Mapping:

Sounds king of technical, doesn’t it? Well, in many ways it is. We use 3d mapping projections to give your cake the appearance of something totally different. Check out the video below to get a visual”


Specialty Lighting:

Want to give your event that special, one of kind ambiance? Then, specialty lighting is really a great way to change things without spending thousands on décor that you’ll never use again. Check out the video below to see some great examples:



Once upon a time, you had to seek out a separate company to hire a videographer or cinematographer for your event. Not anymore, we offer that service right here in house. Check an example of our work below:


Cloud Dancing:

This special effect has been used in movies for years, but unlike the movies, we don’t use the effect to create graveyard scenes for horror movies, we use it to give you a dancing on a cloud effect that makes your occasion more like a fantasy. Want to see what it looks like? Check out the video below:


So much more:

You already know that we can bring the music, now you know about some of the other things we can do to make your event the most special occasion possible. Guess what? That’s not everything we offer either. If you’d like to see what all we can do to make your event memorable, click here. To discuss any or all of these services, be sure to reach out us by clicking here.

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