Traditions step by step!

Traditions step by step

  1. Talk to your families about the different cultures and traditions that have been implemented throughout the years. Ask what they mean & what they represent.

  1. Talk to each other, communication is going to be key Now that you have done the research it’s time to break down the logistics and decide what the two of you think is important. As important as it is to do what you know will make your family happy, it’s YOUR wedding day. No one else’s.

  1. Make it yours. Feel free to put a little spin on things. As times change so do traditions. When selecting what music to play, picks some sounds with a variety of heritage and modern music!

  2. Talk with your wedding planner and bridal party. Make sure she and everyone have a clear understanding and vision for how you celebrate your big day.

Special Event Proz can help you

-Work with you to make sure all of your requests are met down to the smallest details

-Depending on which package you choose, you will have access to hours of planning time to meet with our event specialist.

-Work with our planners and DJs to create the perfect playlists that showcase both your heritage and taste in music!

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