Event planning is a lot of work. Whether you realized that when you started or not, there's a chance you could be biting off more than you can chew. Your event is supposed to be fun, not stressful, and if you are stressing about floor plans and vendor coordination and timeline management among all the other things that come along with planning, you might lose sight of the bigger picture -- having an amazing time.

Even if you are the most detail-oriented, DIY kind of person, you could still benefit from hiring an event planner to take some of the stress off of your shoulders.

What a MONTH-of-coordinator can do for you
  • Offer ongoing advice and vendor recommendations 30 days before day of event
  • Help build out detailed timeline
  • Help build and manage budget
  • Confirm dates, times, deposits, final payments, contracts, and other details with all vendors
  • Help build out floor plan and seating charts
  • Confirm floor plan and details per vendor
  • Ensure all vendors setup properly
  • Personal assistant for guests of honor
  • Set up personal items
  • Attend site visits (some restrictions apply)
  • Manage the timing and flow of the event (getting ready, ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, music)
  • Be point of contact for any questions/concerns throughout, and take care of personal items at the end of the evening
  • Assisting the bride and wedding party with dressing, photo schedules
  • Guiding the bridal party


If you're starting to get overwhelmed with the whole planning process and you need someone experienced to take some of the weight off your shoulders so planning doesn't consume your whole life, hiring a planner to make sure no details are overlooked and there are no loose ends could be right for your situation.

An event coordinator is a master of execution and problem solving, and will act as a middleman for you and all of your vendors or anyone else who has questions, and make sure everything goes according to plan. You want to make sure you can enjoy yourself during the event!


If event planning is a whole new world for you and you don't know where to start, we got you. We can be there from start to finish, from helping you build a theme and/or color scheme all the way through coordinating vendor load-out when the event is done.

You're busy with other things in your life, and you want your day to be special without it becoming another full-time job. Good news: this is our full-time job!

  • Everything in month of and day of coordinating
  • Complete budget building and management
  • Helping you find the right look and feel for your event
  • Ongoing advice and vendor recommendations
  • Finding amazing venues and scheduling walkthroughs
  • Attending walkthroughs and site visits (some limitations apply)
  • Booking vendors and confirming all dates and deposits
  • Planning and attending rehearsal dinner
  • 24/7 availability for any questions or concerns

How we work:

We start by asking you a few questions so we can picture your vision as you do. Don’t have a vision? We can also help you create one. Once we understand your vision, we can manage every facet of your event, or if you prefer, we can just help with a few areas. We can do as much or as little as you need which allows you focus on more important things..

With our attention to detail and our dedication to each and every event from start to finish, you will be free to relax and enjoy the party.

Contact us!

Kristina K.
Event Planning Director

Kristina first started working in the planning industry as an assistant day of coordinator for special events where she quickly became a lead assistant, and then our very own seasoned planner.

Her love for traveling has helped her develop a keen sense of planning and organization. She began traveling at the young age of 4.5 and has since visited over 35 countries (and counting!).

Having been exposed to so many cultures has allowed her to experience a variety of traditions, foods, and people! This has helped her develop a passion for all things creative, which has helped time after time with her client’s events. Her attention to detail, creative vision, and warm personality has served her well in her planning career.

Kristina was born in Belarus, is fluent in Russian, and is a graduate of California State University of Northridge where she studied Tourism, Recreation, & Hospitality Management.


Erin D.
Operations manager/event planner

Erin has been working in the events industry since college, where she worked in live music for the duration of her time at Belmont University in Nashville before graduating with a business degree.  

Immediately upon graduation she started working at a high-end wedding venue in Maryland, where she assisted with hundreds of weddings in her two years there. She spent another two years as the events coordinator for a radio station in Baltimore, overseeing everything from small partnerships to off-site broadcasts to the station’s presence at huge concerts and festivals. She now happily calls Los Angeles home!

In her free time, Erin loves to plan trips for herself and her friends to places ranging from rural Alaska to Tokyo, Japan. She loves the outdoors and camping as well as trying all sorts of new foods and experiences. Her open-mindedness and flexibility combined with a meticulous disposition makes her a planner by nature, and she enjoys being able to help people while doing what she loves.