We’re Changing Gears Due to Social Distancing

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Dude, it’s absolutely crazy out there these days. We obviously don’t need to tell you that what we’re experiencing is something that is totally unprecedented. Considering today’s environment, we’ve come to the conclusion that posting articles related to wedding reception ideas and/or corporate event tips probably isn’t the most useful or helpful subjects to write about…for now.

As a result, we’ve spent that last week racking our brains on what we COULD write about that would prove useful. Since we are an entertainment company, we thought we’d do what we do best, entertain you a little. When this is all over, we sincerely hope you’ll consider us for your event entertainment and planning needs, but for right now we’re going to swap it up a bit.

There’s plenty of places on the web to find serious stuff, so we’re going to do our best to steer away from being too serious. As a matter of fact, we hope our new blogging strategy will help you laugh, groove, and make things a little more bearable.

Let’s get to it!

Out of tragedy can come some really beautiful things. This situation is no different. If you search the web, there are a lot of creative things beginning to come out as a result of the social distancing. So, in this week’s article, we’d like to share some of the parodies and original tunes that have come about as a result. We hope it makes you laugh or at least takes your mind off the serious stuff for a minute.


  1. Neal Diamond Changes the Lyrics of “Sweet Caroline” to reflect the times:


2. Speaking of “Sweet Caroline”, This Couple created an entire Parody of the Tune and called it “Sweet Quarantine”:


3. PhilBow55 actually wrote a really cool Folk Tune About the Quarantine: Notice he’s socially responsible by playing it with…himself:


4. How about this “We Didn’t Spread The Virus” (Billy Joel Parody)


5. Check out this dude’s stack of TP while you listen to this “Come on Eileen” Parody. He’s flaunting his wealth. LOL.


6. Finally, this cute couple has claimed to write the Quarantine Theme Song. It’s pretty funny, and pretty decent tune.


So, there. There’s something that will give hopefully help you keep things a bit positive. We hope it brightened your day, and made you laugh a little. Be sure to wash those hands and stay 6 feet apart from everyone. We here at Special Event Proz love ya, and would prefer you get the “Saturday Night Fever”…not a real fever.

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