What Not to Do at Your Wedding Reception

It’s your wedding, so it really is all about you and your honey. Something to keep in mind, however, is that the reception is way to have your friends and family share these moments with you, so if they’re miserable, then it kills the entire vibe of what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Be sure to be sensitive to things that will enhance…or kill…  their memory of this day with you.

Need some tips? No worries, we’ve compiled a list of what NOT to do at your Wedding Reception, and here it is…


Don’t Have A Cash Bar

Yeah, we know… open bars can be expensive, but this is your day, so you should bear the brunt of it. Tempting as it is to have your guests foot the bill for the drinks, it’s tacky and a bit of a joy killer. Think about it! You’ve already asked your guests to buy a nice gift from your registry, to get dressed up on a weekend, and to travel…in some cases…great distances to attend your ceremony. Now, you’re going to ask them to fund their own booze? Nah, just include the costs in your wedding budget. It really is a small price to pay to have them form the same positive memories of your big day that you’ll have.


Don’t Disappear for too long.

You’re not only the stars of the show, but you’re the host/hostess of this event. Don’t disappear for too long. Your guests have gone out of their way to come celebrate you and your new spouse, so bask in that glory as much as possible. Everyone will want to smother you with attention… be present and let them!


Don’t Yell at or Berate the Vendors… or Anyone Else for that Matter.

If there are issues with the service you’re receiving from the caterer or photographer, let dad, your event planner, or someone else handle it.  Also keep in mind that there is no such thing as a totally perfect party, and sometimes things go off script.  Don’t let it frustrate you. You’re supposed to be enjoying this time, not spending it concentrating on crisis management.


Don’t Check or Open Presents

Just forget about the presents until later. This isn’t your fifth birthday party, it’s a wedding reception. Plus, it’s tacky. Just enjoy the party, the presents will be there when it’s done.


Don’t Keep Your Guests Waiting or Leave Early.

Like we mentioned earlier, you’re the star of the day, and your adoring public is there for you! A wedding reception doesn’t truly start until you and your honey make your grand entrance, and it ends when you guys leave. Get there as soon as you can and stay at the party as long as possible. We know you’re wanting to get out of there to start that honeymoon, but wedding receptions don’t come around that often. Enjoy it. Definitely keep this in mind when planning your photo sessions and anything else that can keep or remove you from the party.


If you’re looking for more tips on how to have the best wedding reception ever, check out this previous article. OR, you can give us a shout for some more personalized tips and tricks. 

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