Why Music Is important Humanity

Let’s get philosophical for a bit. If you’re breathing today, you must admit that music has played an integral part of your life at some point. Admit it! You recall the music from your first dance, and I bet you can still remember the lyrics from the songs you sang or heard in preschool. Music is most definitely the dots on our life’s timeline. It represents mile markers of major events, and it punctuates the most important occasions of our lives. Music elevates us, it brings us together, and it helps make life worth it.


Obviously, Music is our life here at Special Event Proz, and we often get to thinking about deep things such as this. Bringing the proper arrangement of sounds to our clients is our mission, but why is it so important to humanity? We think we have a few answers. Check them out below:


Music is universal.

In this world, there are over 6500 languages, but there is one language that everyone understands: Music. Even if you don’t or can’t understand the lyrics…which some older people claim about a lot of popular music… we can still understand the feelings being conveyed in the music. Which is a form of communication. If the music is moving enough, it crosses language barriers, touch hearts, and even frees the soul.


It creates ambiance and a soundtrack for life.

Music creates ambiance. It exponentially adds to or enhances whatever you’re doing at the time. We have sad songs, workout songs, driving tunes, and even sleeping songs. Can you imagine how boring a movie would be without a soundtrack? Would most likely suck…and so would life. Music is our soundtrack to living.


Music Brings us together.

Whether it be a festival, concert, party, event, or a club, people come together when music is involved. Yes, there may be other activities that add to the draw, but the music is the glue that binds it all together. When you attend a gathering, music is what breaks down the barriers of our differences.  It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have, music treats us as equal.


It allows us to Focus and Concentrate better.

It is a scientific fact that music enhances brain function. It helps alleviate distractions which, in turn, enhances focus. There’s no better way to study for that exam or work on that project than by having some instrumental music playing through those airpods.


It helps us process our emotions and can even change our mood.

If you’re feeling down, listen to songs that are happy and positive. Lose a loved one or break up with a significant other? A sad song can help you cope. Science has even shown us that, sometimes, sad songs can make you happier. Google it!


It encourages imagination, enhances creativity, motivates, and inspire us.

There is no doubt that music helps with mental imagery, which in turn encourages creativity. The right tune can also help fuel a workout, motivate us to get off the couch, get up and dance, to paint, to sing, or just about anything else that we need it to help us do. It activates that part of the brain that encourages us to do…or to do not. It’s auditory magic.



Music is great for your memory. How many different songs can you recall the lyrics to? How many articles or books can you quote verbatim? There is something about information being set to music that enhances our recall of said information. So much so, that there is now an entire branch of therapy that uses music to assist with enhancing the memories of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. This branch of therapy is appropriately called Music Therapy.

For more info on some of the science applications of music, check out this list of published research papers on the subject.


It’s just plain fun and enjoyable

Anything fun in your life has probably been enhanced with music. When you go to the beach, sit on the bus, or just hang out with friends, more than likely there is some music being played in the background. It adds to our enjoyment in life, and as we mentioned earlier, it elevates us.


Thanks for going along on this little philosophical pondering. We’re not sure what life would be like without music, but we are sure we don’t want to find out. If you’re looking for ways music and Special Event Proz can help make your life and event better, be sure to give us a shout.

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