Why Should I Hire a Professional DJ Company over an Individual DJ?

So, you’ve made the decision. You’re going to hire a DJ over a band or other event entertainment. That’s a wise decision. Admittedly, we’re a bit biased, but it’s hard to argue that the greatest variety of music and appeal can be offered by a DJ.  You can check out more thoughts on hiring a DJ over a band by reading this previous post.

Now that you’ve decided on the type of entertainment, it’s time to consider whether to hire a professional DJ company, like Special Event DJz, or an independent individual DJ. Let’s dive in.

Who is considered an Independent DJ

An Independent DJ is an independent contractor (disc jockey) who can play music at your wedding or event. Most specialize in a single genre or specialty of music. Generally, it’s one person who handles everything… the planning, organization, communication, transportation, and of course performance at your wedding or event.

In comparison, who or what is considered a DJ Company

A DJ Company a legally formed entity that provides clients with everything from DJ services for their weddings or events to planning, photography and other ancillary services. A company can offer a full-service DJ experience which means that they employ several people, have proven planning systems, contingencies in place for unforeseen circumstances, and the resources to deliver a full-service wedding entertainment experience. Many DJ companies, like Special Event Proz, offer much more than entertainment services.



The main advantage to hiring an independent DJ is the price compared to the cost of hiring a DJ Company. An Independent DJ does not have the overhead that a DJ Company has. They don’t have employees and other operation costs associated with running a company. The difference between the fees of the two depends on which two you’re comparing, but unless the independent DJ is a local celebrity, it is safe to assume that he/she will be charging less than a DJ Company. That savings could be nominal or significant.

The lower costs of the individual could also be representative of the experience that individual has in in Dj’ing events. If they’re just starting out as a DJ, then their costs SHOULD be significantly lower than anything else out there. Seriously, if it’s your cousin who just bought a PA system, then the price for his/her services should be cheap. Of course, the service that comes with cheap generally reflects the costs.


Real Value:

If price is the only thing you’re going to look at, then you probably should stop here and hire Cousin Johnny to spin those hits at your reception. If you’re looking at real value, however, you need to consider what a DJ company offers. Most well rounded DJ Companies staff several DJs with an assortment of personalities, characters, and musical styles. You express your desired DJ personality type and musical preferences, and the DJ Company matches that to the DJ that best fits your requirements. Independent DJs, on the other hand, can provide one personality.

Planning: Another thing that Companies offer over individuals is the experience and ability to plan details. Most DJ Companies have processes and systems in place to make the planning and offerings efficient and less complicated. They take control and perform these tasks on your behalf which takes considerable stress off your shoulders. On the other hand, an individual DJ is heavily reliant on you to help with said tasks….which can, in turn, cause additional stress.

Contingency Plan: What happens when your DJ comes down with the Coronavirus (sorry…bad joke) on the day of your wedding? If you hired an Independent DJ, then you really are looking at Cousin Johnny taking up the slack. In other words, you’re out of luck. If you’ve hired a DJ Company, you’ve got an automatic contingency in place. The company will already be familiar with your venue, your music preferences, and the Itinerary. They just have another DJ already familiar with your event take over. Worries are alleviated, Cousin Johnny isn’t playing his favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd tune all night, and most importantly, you’re still stress free.

Parting Thoughts:

While we understand that some budget restrictions are in play when you’re planning your wedding, the real value of hiring a company over an independent DJ isn’t comparable. Hiring a company will help you alleviate a lot of undue stress. While you may save a few dollars by hiring your cousin, the real costs of not going with a professional DJ company can be much greater.

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