Why You Should Hire a DJ Rather Than a Live Band for Your Event

Hiring a DJ can be more practical than hiring a live band…

We all know there is nothing quite like seeing, hearing and having a live band at an event. They can be a lot of fun and even play spot-on versions of some of your favorite tunes. That being said, there are a lot of reasons to consider hiring a professional event DJ over hiring a band for your next event.

Below are a few Comparisons:


  • Hiring a band for a private event can blow your budget way out of whack…which forces you to have to skimp on catering, décor, and other things that will make the event more memorable for your guests. On average, live bands will cost you anywhere from $3,000 – $10,000+. A DJ, on the other hand, will cost you significantly less.

Space Required:

  • A live band requires significantly more space to setup and perform that a DJ. They have amps, drums, large PA setups, and much more. This can severely limit the type of venue you can use for your event, and even take away from the space needed for your attendees. Most of today’s DJs can operate from a corner or smaller area, and as a result, can fit in just about any venue.

Volume Levels:

  • A live band, unfortunately, is limited in how low a volume in which they can play. Live drums can only be played so low, and as a result, the rest of band must meet the drummer’s minimum volume levels. This can sometimes be tough on Granny or others who prefer the music levels a little lower for conversation. A DJ, on the other hand, can adjust volumes as low as necessary for EVERYONE to have a good time. Professionally recorded music is engineered to be played at various volumes and still be enjoyed…unlike like bands who prefer to play at 11 all night.

Musical Variety:

  • A moderately priced live band tends to specialize in only a couple of genres of music, and any live band that can play anything and everything is going to cost YOU significantly more than most…see expense above. A DJ, on the other hand, has access to anything ever recorded and can play something for everyone and anyone. It also allows you to hear your favorite songs the way they were recorded by your favorite artist. A live band, while sounding excellent, are still not going to be playing your favorites exactly like the original.

 Breaks in the Action:

  • Depending on the length of your event, the members of a live band are going to need a break at some point. The guitarist has to retune, the drummer needs go to the bathroom, and the singer needs a sip of something to wet his whistle. All of this translates to a break in the action. While your wedding DJ will be busting it to keep things hopping, he’s never going to get winded from smooth and sexy sax solo. Plus, with today’s technology, he/she can pre-set a series of tunes to play while he/she gets a break…this keeps the party moving without a disruption in the musical action.

Venue Restrictions:

  • As we mentioned earlier, a live band may restrict the type of venue you can use for your event because of space requirements. In addition to that, some venues may actually prohibit you from hiring live bands or local municipalities have noise ordinances and/or limits that might prevent you from fully enjoying the music at your event. For the most part, a DJ has the capability to work within and around these limits…regardless of the venue type or location.

Look, we realize we may be a little biased towards hiring a DJ for your events, but regardless of our bias, these points are still pretty logical. We know live bands are awesome, and like you, we enjoy going out and hearing live music from time to time. In our biased opinion, however, hiring a professional DJ just seems to be more economical, practical and flexible than hiring a live band for any type of event. If you’d like to hear more about how we can make your next event or wedding more memorable, click here reach out to us.

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